Royal Recognition of Excellence

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Award Information
Type: Non-armigerous
Founded: 4/28/1979 by Martin and Neptha
Premiere(s): Alacya Daveraugh, Huette Aliza von und zu Ährens und Mechthildberg
Recipients: Visit the Order of Precedence.

Their Majesties Martin and Neptha created the Royal Recognition of Excellence to be awarded to individuals or groups for unique reasons, ranging from running a spectacular event to real-life heroism. Recipients may include the initials "RRE" (RRE) after their name to indicate the award. The recognition is made at the monarchs' discretion so there may be years between its bestowing.


  • The RRE bestows no titles or precedence.


  • No official tokens or regalia are given at the time of the award; however, monarchs may choose to bestow items as desired.


The reason for the award is indicated as known and/or remembered:

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Reign Date(s) Recipient(s)
Martin and Neptha 04/28/1979 Alacya Daveraugh
Huette Aliza von und zu Ährens und Mechthildberg
Gregory and Arianyn 06/30/1979, Beggars Picnic, Dreiburgen Brann Morgan Dunmore of Galloway
Dana of Coleraine
Hedgia du Loup
Balin and Amsha 11/17/1979, Coronation, Dreiburgen Ionnes Leckie - Personal protocol and pageantry advisor to HRM Balin during the reign, separate from counsel given by the Crescent Herald in the normal course of a reign
Lavendar of Lorne
Balin and Amsha 01/xx/1980 Alewaulfe the Red
Guy and Troy (Guy de Coldrake) 06/02/1984, Coronation Ewe Notte Mée
Melissa Irene of Silverlock
Guy and Troy 11/17/1984, Coronation Colin Wynthorpe - Services as Seneschal
Elinore Windemere of the Moors - Hospitality
Margare of the Silver Dragonfly - War Preparation
Brion and Alysandra 06/04/1988, Coronation College of the Voyagers
Brion and Alysandra 10/15/1988, Kingdom Arts Fair & Pentathlon Canterbury Scholars
Brion and Alysandra 10/29/1988, Dreiburgen Anniversary Kathryn du Griffin
Brion and Alysandra 11/19/1988, Coronation Marie de La Rochelle
Cameron of Caladoon and Giles Hill - Both gentlemen were recognized for having taken several guns and a rifle away from a drunk man at Potrero War the previous September. Shots had been fired from inside an RV, and Giles (as Event Steward) and Cameron were summoned to deal with the situation. They entered the RV, talked with the man for about half-hour, and convinced him to give up his firearms.
Guy II and Darla II (Guy of Castle Kirk) 06/02/1990, Coronation Balin of Tor
Ivan and Fiona 02/02/1991, Angels Melee Tourney 1991 Céline Jeanne de Hermain - Estrella War and relations with Atenveldt
Ivan and Fiona 02/16/1991, Estrella War Déshivé Luciana d'Avignon - Estrella War and relations with Atenveldt
Patrick II and Adriana (Patrick Darkwraith) 11/16/1991, Coronation Glen an Tiegh
Ivan II and Aislynn 03/21/1992, Gallavally Anniversary 1992 Talena Blackwolf of Evanshire
Taran Blackwolf of Darkwood
Gar and Ristil 06/26/1994, Queen's Champion-Archery Doria Tecla
Gar and Ristil 10/01/1994, Dun Or Anniversary 1994 Tuvor Sabledrake
Gar and Ristil 10/23/1994, Festival of the Rose Merrymakers of Gyldenholt
Gar and Ristil 11/19/1994, Coronation Hrorek Halfdane of Faulconwood
Philip of Meadhe
Ivan III and Aislynn II 01/14/1995, Caid 12th Night Eilidh Swann Stralachlan
Rhieinwen Cyfarwydd ferch Angharad
Sasha Dmitrievich Dozortsev
Ivan III and Aislynn II 05/21/1995, Crusades/Tournament of the Rose Renata Kestryl of Highwynds
John II and Ceinwen II 11/05/1995, Queen's Champion Tourney Barony of Starkhafn
Shire of Wintermist
Edric and Albra 05/25/1996, Potrero War Spring 1996 Quintin Phelan - Projectile Weapons
Edric and Albra 06/01/1996, Darach Anniversary 1996 Shire of the Isles
Edric and Albra 11/02/1996, Coronation Barony of Dun Or
Direk II and Arianna II 03/22/1997, Gyldenholt Pas D'Armes & Baronial Investiture Cara Michelle DuValier
Charles Joiner
Gavin MacDhomhnuill
Gunnar Jørgensen
James Andrew MacAllister
John ap Gwyndaf of Holdingford
Ivan IV and Anastasiia 06/07/1998, Queen's Champion Tourney Arianwen Megan McBride of Arainn
Francesc and Seanach 10/23/1999, Dreiburgen Anniversary 1999 Pagus Sancti Geronimi
Guillaume I and Felinah I 11/11/2000, Calafia Anniversary 2000 Wild Oats
Ivan V and Ciar Lasse 01/13/2001, Angels Melee 2001 Elspeth of Foxden
Ivan V and Ciar Lasse 02/03/2001, Festival of the Rose Spring 2001 Lyon & Unicorn Dancers for Dance
Ivan V and Ciar Lasse 03/24/2001, Starkhafn Anniversary 2001 Justina Marie of Burgundy and Rouge Anne Marie Du Maurier - Hospitality
Edric III and Catalina 02/16/2002, Estrella War House Schadenfreude
Edric III and Catalina 03/27/2002, Darchester Royal Feast Lochac Wellington Medieval Guild - Dance
Guillaume II and Felinah II 06/29/2002, Festival of the Rose Summer 2009 College of Saint Artemas
Gerhart and Una 02/10/2003, Canterbury Faire 2003 (Monday court) Lochac Emrys Tudur
Gerhart and Una 03/15/2003, Starkhafn Anniversary 2003 Trey of Starkhafn
Gerhart and Una 04/05/2003, King's Hunt 2003 Samara Caitlin of AElfwin
Styrbjorn Ulfhamr
Gerhart and Una 05/17/2003, Darach Anniversary 2003 Ian Duncanson
Gerhart and Una 05/25/2003, Potrero War Spring 2003 Lot Ramirez
Gerhart and Una 05/31/2003, Coronation Thomas Bordeaux
Alaric II and Carynsa 07/19/2003, Lyondemere Anniversary 2003 Arianna Kateryn Nunneschild
Alaric II and Carynsa 09/20/2003, Fall Crown Tournament 2003 Helga Iden dohtir
Maeve Bandruid
Brand and Nuala 06/26/2004, Festival of the Rose Summer 2004 Ariadne de Glevo - Equestrian
Brand and Nuala 06/27/2004, Queen's Champion-Archery, Summer 2004 Tabitha Leah of Samarra
Brand and Nuala 08/19/2004, Pennsic War 2004-Caid Court Vestmar mjöksiglandi
Brand and Nuala 09/11/2004, Angels Anniversary 2004 Elspeth Charissa aus Reinwald
Brand and Nuala 10/09/2004, Great Western War 2004 Brandr húslangr
Collette Vitraria
Gavin MacDhomhnuill
Ida Haroldsdottir
Ismay of Giggleswick
Jens inn draumspaki
Morgan mac Máeláin
Ulrike the Franke
Brand and Nuala 10/10/2004, Great Western War 2004 Katayama Chikara
Zoe Doukaina Radene
Brand and Nuala 10/23/2004, Dreiburgen Anniversary 2004 Barony of Dreiburgen
Direk IV and Chamayn Caid 12th Night 2005 Duncan Llywellyn
Duryn the Red
Gunther the EverReady
Vladimir Harrysson
Direk IV and Chamayn Western Seas 12th Night 2005 Isabella Cortes de Almeida
Direk IV and Chamayn Unbelted tourney 2005 Egil Thorsen
Sárnat ingen meic Caille
Direk IV and Chamayn 06/04/2005, Coronation Summer 2005 Barony of Calafia
Kolinka of Calafia
Dirk V and Chamayn II 03/04/2006, Starkhafn Anniversary 2006 Isidora Ell'eva
Dirk V and Chamayn II 04/29/2006, Altavia Anniversary 2006 Inn of the Crimson Spade
Dirk V and Chamayn II 06/03/2006, Coronation Summer 2006 Abigail Chandler of Caithness
Aílís Mac Fhearghuís
Fifth Brigade
Griffin Freehold
Hospitallers of Saint John of Caid
Isabeau Eaglestone of Glinwood
Jason ap Griffin
Jason le Mad Brewer
Mathias de Maldegem
Matheus le Vaus
William Alexander Lachlan
Sven and Kolfinna 08/26/2006, Festival of the Rose/Silver Rose Ball 2006 Felice Filadoro
Sven and Kolfinna Coronation, Fall 2006 Caidan College of Heralds
Great Western War X Staff
Edric IV and Faizah 05/27/2007, Potrero War Spring 2007 Kolbrandr Kolsson
Edric V and Faizeh II 06/07/2008, Coronation Summer 2007 Eilidh Swann Stralachlan - Bardic Arts
Edward and Mora 08/16/2008, St. Corrigan's Day 2008 (Dreiburgen) Malcolm Alberic
Sven II and Kolfinna II 01/17/2009, Winter Weekend 2009 Winter Weekend - Event Hosting
Sven II and Kolfinna II 02/07/2009, Festival of the Rose Spring 2009 Klaus von Mainz - Woodworking, carving and joinery
Sven II and Kolfinna II 02/15/2009, Estrella War 2009 Ceridwen Killian and Rowen Killian - Volunteer Service
Sven II and Kolfinna II 06/06/2009, Coronation Summer 2009 Otuell Gowe - Metalwork
Edward II and Mora II 06/27/2009, Crown Prints Prize Tourney 2009 Aoibheall an Sionnach - Publication
Edward II and Mora II 11/07/2009, Coronation Winter 2009 Aldgytha of Ashwood - C.E.R.T.
Conrad and Eleanor 08/24/2010, Crown Tournament Summer 2010 Vivienne de Lampérière - Heraldic Administration
Conrad and Eleanor 09/11/2010, Angels Anniversary 2010 Cormac Mór - Heraldry
Conrad and Eleanor 11/06/2010, Coronation Winter 2010 Great Western War 13 Staff
Wilhelm and Thaleia 05/29/2011, Potrero War 2011 Arianne Lightheart of Whiteheld
Edward III and Mora III 11/05/2011, Coronation Winter 2011 Matlens Litovka
Patrick II and Kara II 09/08/2012, Angels Anniversary 2012 Hroar sviðandi - Pottery
Mansur and Eilidh 11/10/2012, Calafia Anniversary 2012 House of the Raven and Rose
Sven IV and Cassandra II 10/12/2013, Great Western War 2013 Avenel Kellough
Bronwyn McKay Kellough
Conrad II and A'isha 04/12/2014, Starkhafn Anniversary 2014 Kutaiba al-Azrak
Agrippa and Bridget 06/07/2014, Coronation Summer 2014 Caidan College of Scribes
Agrippa and Bridget 06/14/2014, Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium 2014 Marie de Blois - Order of Precedence
Agrippa and Bridget 06/28/2014, Gyldenholt Anniversary 2014 The Upper Crust - Culinary Arts
Agrippa and Bridget 08/07/2014, Pennsic War 2014-Caid Court Pennsic Camp Staff including:
Dananir al-Attarah
Malcolm Alberic
Paganus Grimlove
Rekon of Saaremaa
Robynne the Grey
Agrippa and Bridget 11/02/2014, Fall Coronation and Queen's Champion 2014 Ketill Olafsson - Exceptional Efforts at GWW
Ursul Vladislavl' pravnuk - Exceptional Efforts at GWW
Mansur II and Eilidh II 01/03/2015, Caid Twelfth Night 2015 Adrien de Calais
Cormac Macleod of Ostaig
Fergal MacCome
Manfred Sasul
Michel von Allerstetten
Mansur II and Eilidh II 02/14/2015, Talon Crescent War 2015 Athanaric Thaurismunths sunus
Erdenitei Badm-a-Delgere
Snorri Snarfari Bjornsson
Awards of Caid
Patent: Chivalry, Laurel, Pelican, Defense, Royal Peerage.
Grant: Grant of Arms, Argent Blade, Chiron, Crescent, Gauntlet, Golden Lance, Lux Caidis.
Armigerous: Award of Arms, Court Barony, Arcus, Argent Arrow, Chamfron, Crescent Sword, Dolphin, Duellist, Harp Argent.
Non-armigerous: Acorn, Argent Star, Augmentation of Arms, Chanson, Corde de Guerre, Crescent and Flame, Crossed Swords, Furison of Caid, Legion of Courtesy, Ordo Cordis, Royal Recognition of Excellence, Signum Reginae, Sigillum Regis, Signum Regni, Vanguard of Honor.
Honors: Arts and Sciences Pentathlon Champion, King's Champion, Personal Heraldic Title, Queen's Champion, Right Noble, Rose.
Closed: White Scarf, Landmark, New Battered Helm.
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