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Ian vs Lot RapierOpen2008.jpg
(top) Ian
(bottom) versus Lot Ramirez, Rapier Open 2008
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Argent, a unicorn rampant sable within a bordure quarterly sable and vert.
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Don Ian DuncansonRRE is a White Scarf of Caid and a 5 times Queen Champion in Rapier.


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Rapier Teaching Dossier

Questionnaire Q. Are you more comfortable with beginners, advanced...etc?

A. Beginners. Advanced fighters know I'm full of <unfermented fertilizer>.

Q. Are you willing to take students, are you a tourney teacher or a melee teacher?

A. I would be a tourney teacher if I had to choose.

Q. Do you prefer foot work over speed?

A. Speed speed speed with a dash of footwork. Get it .. dash... lol.

Q. Are you aggressive in teaching, do you like to watch and critique or fight and critique?

A. Fight and critique. Although I have been getting better at watching I think.

Q. Are you uncomfortable teaching females, lefties, tall people, short people, large people, slow people...what do you prefer and who can you offer the most too?

A. I feel most comfortable teaching lefties with some height and reach.

Q. Do you travel to other practices?

A. Other practices as in 'a' practice? Sometimes/rarely

Q. Are you approachable, will you make them cry?

A. I bathe! How dare you.

Q. Are you willing to commit so much time, how far are you willing to travel, how active are you....

A. If I do go to a practice I travel a fair distance. I am not what one would call 'active' in so much as that would entail actually fencing.