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New Populace Page Information

  • 11/07/2023

I have added two fields to the Populace page template which builds the information box in the upper right of each Populace page.

  1. The subject's "preferred title". In this field, note the title the subject prefers to be referred to by. This might be an alternate title based on the persona's culture and time period, for example.
  2. The subject's "pronouns". For example, "she, her, hers", "he, him, his", "they, them, their", etc.

Unfortunately, since we did not think of this when the Compendium Caidis was invented, these fields are not present in all of the Populace pages created to this date (and there are literally thousands of them!) This results in these pages showing “Unknown” where the template is looking for more information. This will appear like:

Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified

And, compounding that, there are no instructions inside of each populace page on how to fix this.

Here is how to fix this: Inside the "{{Populace |..." structure at the top, two fields need to be added: title = choice and pronouns = choice". (use the "|" pipe character to separate tags) It does not matter where in the sequence of tags these new tags are placed, however, I usually put them between photocaption = and location =.

These new tags have been incorporated into the template blocks found on Template talk: Populace, so moving forward, new Populace pages should include them.

See: News Archive for older posts.

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