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Equestrian activities.


Equestrian activities have been a part of Caidan life since its inception in the early 1970s.

(From the December 1976 Crown Prints) THE CAIDAN CAVALRY WANTS YOU!!!

If you are interested in learning to ride, the Caidan Cavalry will be giving riding lessons. The idea behind giving the populace of Caid lessons is to form an equestrian group which will be an honor guard, color guard & drill team on horseback, out of which an elite group of riders will develop fighting techniques and tourney skills. The combat group will work at advancing equestrian skills in ring tilting, jousting at the quintain, archery from horseback, combat between 2 mounted riders, rescue races, and more. The Cavalry is open to all in Caid (that includes ladies!)

If you are interested, please join even if you don't have a horse or have never been on a horse before. The Cavalry plans to make 1/2 day a month a practice for drills, etc. This is the minimal amount of time required for attendance. You are welcomed to ride as much as you would like. We are with our own horses at the Hagman Equestrian Center almost every day. This is your group and it will be flexible to meet your needs and wants in riding. Rental horses at Hagman are $8.00 for 4 hours and $3.00 per hr on weekends--the cheapest place we have found in the area.

The first meeting of the Caidan Cavalry is on December 4th and the second meeting date is set for January 2nd at Hagman Equestrian Center. For further info, call Kerisa or Arekose. (Personal information omitted)

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