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Status: Active
Owner(s): Virginia Read


Color: Black

Breed: Azteca (Andalusian / Quarter Horse)

Sex: Gelding

Age: 10

Training: English, Western, Dressage, Mounted Patrol, Javelin, Quintain, Jousting, Birjas, Pig sticking, Tent pegging, Bareback, Bridleless, Driving (up to four in hand), Trail, Mixed Foot/mounted Combat, Pet-the-Pony, Heavy Mounted combat, Crest Combat

Home Territory: Darach


  • Missing your girlfriend? Go check his stall.
  • He’s an Aquarius known for being a great ride with an upbeat goofy personality
  • He loves Cheetos, sun bathing, sleeping in, and asserting herd dominance
  • Has his own acting resume
  • Commonly mistaken for his “double” Shadow on the field
  • Fond of manure-bin tipping & being a juvenile delinquent
  • Resides in the plush bachelor pad “Casa del Nova” with a skyline view and full staff
  • Rider’s famous last words: “but he’s pretty!”
  • Queen’s Champion-Equestrian for Mora (2008) and Mora II (2009)


  • 2010 Darach Baronial Champion
  • 2010 Queen's Champion
  • 2010 Pas d'Armes Champion
  • 2010 Celtic Challenge Champion
  • 2009 Altavia Baronial Reserve Champion
  • 2009 Darach Baronial Reserve Champion
  • 2009 Celtic Challenge Champion
  • 2008 Great Western War Territorial Champion
  • 2008 Great Western War Highpoint
  • 2008 Altavia Baronial Reserve Champion
  • 2007 Celtic Challenge Reserve Champion