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Azure, a horse's head couped at the shoulders within a bordure embattled argent.
Founded: mm/dd/yyyy
Academy of Equestrian Arts medallion made by Baroness Emerald

The mission of the Academy of Equestrian Arts shall be to promote and facilitate equestrian activities in the Kingdom of Caid.

The goal of the Academy shall be to recreate the skill and pageantry of equestrian arts in common use by persons of gentle birth within the Period as defined in the Corpora. The Academy shall be composed of all persons interested and active in equestrian arts in the Kingdom of Caid.

The Academy shall be governed by a Board of Regents numbering up to five, nominated by the Academy, and approved by the Crown. These Regents are to be a source of information and expertise in equestrian arts within and without the SCA. The Regents will select one of their number as Minister to administer the Academy.

A staff of officers shall support the Academy: the Secretary, the Exchequer, the Chronicler, and the Sexton.


From the Feb-March 1976 issue of The Crown Prints

Equestrian events will be held at the May Coronation Tourney in the North1 & a second Equestrian Tourney is being planned for early October in the North. Caid is presently organizing its own events, to include costume competition, parade groups & trail rides, among other activities. Anyone interested may contact any of the officers for the Caid College of Equestrian Arts:

The Master of Equestrian Arts for the Kingdom is Duke Henrik of Havn ( His Lieutenant is Daniel de Leon.

QUINTAIN, the publication for the College of Equestrian Arts, is request material & ideas for future issues concerning the horse in heraldry, ancient tournament rules, mythical horseplay, farriery, saddles & tack, dressage & more. Vol. 1, #1 seemingly is already available, according to the flyer send to The Crown Prints, but no price is listed: ask.

Evidently one does NOT have to own a horse to become a member of the College of Equestrian Arts--check on that, however.

1 Kingdom of the West

Kingdom Level Equestrian Awards

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