Golden Lance

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Gold scarf worn on the left arm or shoulder
Azure, a crescent argent and overall a lance Or, a bordure embattled argent.
Award Information
Type: Grant & Polling Order
Founded: 3/20/2009 by Sven II and Kolfinna II
Premiere(s): Arabella da Siena
Recipients: Visit the Order of Precedence.

The Order of the Golden Lance of Caid, awarded for outstanding ability in equestrian activities in accordance with the Treaty of the Golden Lance.


  • Bestows the style of "honorable lord/lady", and may be addressed as "Your Lordship / Ladyship".
  • Lancer is the title most frequenly used by the Companions of this Order.
  • Alternate Titles are available for substitution.


  • Azure, a crescent argent and overall a lance Or, a bordure embattled argent (registered 06/09).
  • Medallion strung on an Award Cord.
  • A Golden Scarf
  • Golden Lances may display their achievement with black or steel gray helm, torse, mantling and crest above their arms and the collar of the order encircling the arms.


Their Royal Majesties, Sven II and Kolfinna II signed the treaty that added Caid into the Golden Lance at Gulf Wars 2009. The Crown of Ansteorra used their time in Grand Court to call up the members of the Ansteorran Golden Lancers, then the Trimaris Crown called up their Golden Lancers. Caid was then invited to join their royal cousins. It was then declared that Caid was now a member of the treaty (the signing of the documents took place just shortly before grand court). Their Majesties Caid then opened Caidan court and inducted Arabella da Siena as the premiere of the Order of the Golden Lance of Caid. Sir Alexis of Ansteorra also addressed the populace to speak of Arabella's prowess.


The ceremony used to induct Arabella da Siena as the premiere of the order, newer ceremonies are likely available from the heralds.


All the members of the Caidan Golden Lance.


Polling Order

After consultation with the premiere of the Order, Arabella da Siena, Their Majesties Sven II and Kolfinna II granted her the right to make the Golden Lance a Polling Order.

Awards of Caid
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Grant: Grant of Arms, Argent Blade, Chiron, Crescent, Gauntlet, Golden Lance, Lux Caidis.
Armigerous: Award of Arms, Court Barony, Arcus, Argent Arrow, Chamfron, Crescent Sword, Dolphin, Duellist, Harp Argent.
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Honors: Arts and Sciences Pentathlon Champion, King's Champion, Personal Heraldic Title, Queen's Champion, Right Noble, Rose.
Closed: White Scarf, Landmark, New Battered Helm.
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