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Azure, three crescents conjoined, horns outward, a bordure embattled argent
Award Information
Type: Grant
Founded: 11/6/1993 by John and Ceinwen
Premiere(s): Brianna Je Nell Aislynn of Blue Shadows & Christina of Riesling
Recipients: Visit the Order of Precedence.

Companionship in the Order of the Crescent is awarded for outstanding service to the Kingdom.


  • Bestows the style of "honorable", and may be addressed as "Your Lordship / Ladyship".
  • Alternate Titles are available for substitution.


  • Azure, three crescents conjoined, horns outward, a bordure embattled argent
  • Medallion strung on an Award Cord.
  • Crescents may display their achievement with black or steel gray helm, torse, mantling and crest above their arms and the collar of the order encircling the arms.

Awards of Caid
Patent: Chivalry, Laurel, Pelican, Defense, Royal Peerage.
Grant: Grant of Arms, Argent Blade, Chiron, Crescent, Gauntlet, Golden Lance, Lux Caidis.
Armigerous: Award of Arms, Court Barony, Arcus, Argent Arrow, Chamfron, Crescent Sword, Dolphin, Duellist, Harp Argent.
Non-armigerous: Acorn, Argent Star, Augmentation of Arms, Chanson, Corde de Guerre, Crescent and Flame, Crossed Swords, Furison of Caid, Legion of Courtesy, Ordo Cordis, Royal Recognition of Excellence, Signum Reginae, Sigillum Regis, Signum Regni, Vanguard of Honor.
Honors: Arts and Sciences Pentathlon Champion, King's Champion, Personal Heraldic Title, Queen's Champion, Right Noble, Rose.
Closed: White Scarf, Landmark, New Battered Helm.
Other Information: Alternate Titles, Award Cords, Award Types, Closed Award, Polling Order, Rare and special award.