Award Types

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Bestows the title of Duke, Duchess, Count, Countess, Sir, Master, or Mistress, and the recipient may be addressed in various ways depending on specific award. These patents are the top end of the award structure; any recommendations for this level should be for an individual who is the best of the best.


Bestows the style of Honorable Lord / Lady, and the recipient may be addressed as "Your Lordship / Ladyship". These are granted for those who have shown high level of skill and competency in their area of expertise.


Bestows the title of Lord / Lady. The first tier of precedence-bearing awards. These are awarded for those who have started to flower in their area of expertise.


Bestows neither title nor precedence. These are awarded for a specific reason in a specific field.


Various forms of thank-yous, offices and titles.


Orders and Honors that were previously used in Caid, but are now closed and no longer active.

Awards of Caid
Patent: Chivalry, Laurel, Pelican, Defense, Royal Peerage.
Grant: Grant of Arms, Argent Blade, Chiron, Crescent, Gauntlet, Golden Lance, Lux Caidis.
Armigerous: Award of Arms, Court Barony, Arcus, Argent Arrow, Chamfron, Crescent Sword, Dolphin, Duellist, Harp Argent.
Non-armigerous: Acorn, Argent Star, Augmentation of Arms, Chanson, Corde de Guerre, Crescent and Flame, Crossed Swords, Furison of Caid, Legion of Courtesy, Ordo Cordis, Royal Recognition of Excellence, Signum Reginae, Sigillum Regis, Signum Regni, Vanguard of Honor.
Honors: Arts and Sciences Pentathlon Champion, King's Champion, Personal Heraldic Title, Queen's Champion, Right Noble, Rose.
Closed: White Scarf, Landmark, New Battered Helm.
Other Information: Alternate Titles, Award Cords, Award Types, Closed Award, Polling Order, Rare and special award.