Signum Reginae

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The token is a brooch in the form of a silver crescent, engraved with the sigil of the consort.
Award Information
Type: Non-armigerous
Founded: 06/02/1979 by Martin and Neptha
Premiere(s): AEthelred the Jute
Recipients: Visit the Order of Precedence.

Ths Signum Reginae is bestowed by the Queen on those found to have been of special support during the reign. This award is traditionally given at the end of the Crown's Final Court.


  • Bestow no titles or precedence.


  • The Queen works with a selected artisan to determine the design for her Signae. The most favored design is a brooch in the form of a silver crescent, engraved with the Queen's sigil.


The Signum Reginae was the original award given on 06/02/1979 by Martin and Neptha, so the Queen could honor those who served her well during her reign. The Sigillum Regis was added on 06/06/1998 by Rørik and Karina, so the King could honor those who served him well during his reign. The Signum Regni was added on 05/31/2003 by Gerhart and Una so the Crown could jointly recognize those who have served them well during their reign. Today the Crown has the choice of giving the Signum Reginae and/or Sigillum Regis, or just the Signum Regni upon stepping down.

Actual Pieces

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