Order of the Pelican

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(Tinctureless) A pelican in its piety.
(Tinctureless) A chapeau.

Award Information
Type: Patent & Polling Order
Founded: 1/6/1979 by Martin and Neptha
Premiere(s): Olaf the Maedi-Ogre
Recipients: Visit the Order of Precedence.

Companionship in the Order of the Pelican is granted to those who have excelled in service. Members of this order are often referred to as "Pelicans".



  • (Tinctureless) A pelican in its piety.
  • (Tinctureless) A pelican vulning itself.
  • (Tinctureless) A chapeau.
  • Pelicans may display a full achievement including silver or white helm, torse and mantling, crest and supporters. Pelicans may use a pelican in its piety as either crest or supporter, or may display a cap of maintenance upon the helm, in place of torse and crest.
  • Order regalia includes:
    • Pelican badge of the order dependant from a chain
    • A blue cloak with the pelican badge on left breast
    • A red chapeau turned up plumetty goutty de sang
    • any other article of clothing, jewelry, equipment or flag featuring any badge of the order.

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