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Coronation is the bi-annual event wherein the new King and Queen are crowned. The day consists of three, major courts:

  1. The final court of the current King and Queen
  2. Coronation
    • The new King and Queen are crowned
    • Peers, Baronage and Officers swear fealty to the new King and Queen
    • The new royal court and Queen's guard are sworn into service
  3. The first court of the new King and Queen
    • The retired King and/or Queen are granted Royal Peerage titles, if appropriate
    • The new monarchs present other awards (though, typically, not very many)
    • Presentations are made to the new monarchs

Frequently, following these courts is an elaborate Feast and Revel. The Sunday following Coronation was historically Queen's Champion Tournament, but that has changed as of 2017 for scheduling purposes, with the Queen's Champion competitions for Armored, Rapier and Archery being held soon after Coronation.

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