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The Scribe Armarius is in charge of assigning scrolls to scribes, and leading the College of Scribes. The Scribe Armarius is generally the Regent for Scribal Studies for Collegium Caidis, as well. The Scribe Armarius is a deputy of the Crescent Principal Herald.

Note: The Armarius was the medieval monk who assigned the scribes their tasks. The word scribe has been added in front to make it clear to the modern reader what area an armarius is responsible for. And thus there are two plural forms shown below, for the English word and the Latin one.

List of Scribes Armarii of Caid


From the August & September 1975 "frankly unofficial" issue of The Crown Prints CAID COLLEGE OF SCRIBES

An Acting Scribe Provost has been appointed for Caid, who would like to get people together who enjoy calligraphy & illumination. Lady Francis of Dragonsforge is interested in forming a College of Scribes for the purpose of getting warrants, promissory notes & fully scrolls done with dispatch & DONE WELL. She's most interested in finding people whose ego will not interfere with getting the job done: good calligraphers should be willing to work with good illuminators to produce an excellent scroll (rather than good calligraphy with sorta-good artwork, or vice versa.) Please contact Lady Frances (details omitted) with a small example of your ability soon. Meetings will be called when she has a list of interested people: don't procrastinate on this, there are many scrolls that are already long overdue! The meetings will include some lessons on techniques, etc, as well as close work with the Heralds on certain subjects.

From the Feb-March 1976 issue of The Crown Prints (Personal information omitted)

From Annette of Faire Monte
At Purgatorio, August, A.S. X, Frances of Dragonsforge was named acting Provost for the College of Scribes for the Principality of Caid. Lady Frances will head the branch of the College of Scribes which is now forming in Caid.

The College is responsible for the calligraphy & illumination of all documents for the Principality, & all Kingdom Scrolls of Award to residents of Caid.

There are close to 100 old scrolls that need to be done; if you can calligraph or illuminate & would like to do either for the Colelge, or if you know a little of these arts & would like to learn more, or even if you want to learn from the very beginning, let Lady Frances know . The College can only begin to function well when the Provost knows what people's interests and abilities are.

The College has almost no records or information about what scrolls for Caidans were done & by whom, prior to 2 or 3 years ago. If you have such information, please contact Lady Frances, or write to me, Annette of Faire Monte, Chancellor of the College of Scribes.

From Frances of Dragonsforge
How do you apply for the College Scribes? Start by sending me a letter--why not calligraph it, to show what you can do?--stating your interests. Meeting scan be set up, classes can be taught, techniques discussed & shared but I have to know who's interested as soon as possible. Willingness to learn is easily as important as anything else: we need people to help turn out scrolls we Caidans can be proud of, scrolls people will cherish!

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