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Badge of the Caid College of Heralds‎: (Tinctureless) A cross of Caid surmounted by two trumpets in saltire, a bordure embattled.

The Caid College of HeraldsRRE is led by the Crescent Principal Herald.


The Caid College of HeraldsRRE (often abbreviated "CoH") specifically includes the Crescent Principal Herald, the various heralds on Crescent's staff and the heralds of the territories of Caid. The College implicitly includes any individual performing heraldic duties within Caid, including consultation with submitters, field heraldry, court, attending CoH meetings, etc.

The College meets every month on various Sundays at a private residence in Central Caid. The house is open at 9 am for research and submission preparation; the meeting begins at 11 am; lunch is potluck.

The business of the meeting primarily involves discussion on all submissions within Caid to determine whether they may be forwarded to the College of Arms of the SCA for further review and eventual registration, or whether they must be returned to the submitter for further work. Secondarily, the College discusses items of heraldic interest within Caid.

The meeting minutes are published online at: Minutes of the Caid College of Heralds.

Anyone interested in heraldry is welcome to attend. Contact the Crescent Herald for the meeting schedule.



The Caid College of Heralds received a Royal Recognition of Excellence from Sven and Kolfinna, 11/11/06. This award was intended to recognize the efforts of all the heralds of the kingdom including warranted heralds and those performing "ad-hoc" duties such as field heraldry, consulting, etc.

SCA-wide Badge of the Herald

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