Sven and Kolfinna

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Sven and Kolfinna at their stepping up Coronation
Sovereign: Sven Orfhendur
Consort: Kolfinna kottr
Caid Crown #: 57
Preceded by: Dirk V and Chamayn II
Succeeded by: Edric IV and Faizeh

Their Majesties, Sven and Kolfinna, were the 57th Crown of Caid. Their reign included all things Viking and silly Sven names. They reigned 06/03/2006-11/1/2006.


Viking era, specifically 9th century Danish from Hedeby.

From the November Crown Prints

Greetings Caid,

The time has come to say goodbye. Thank you so much for allowing us to be your King and Queen for the last 5 months. During that time we traveled across the length and breadth of this Kingdom, as well as other Kingdoms, and met and interacted with as many Caidans as we could. Your enthusiasm and love, as well as your helpfulness and generosity, made the task a real pleasure. It was truly an honor to be allowed to serve you.

We greatly loved our time on the throne, but now it is time to step aside and let Edric and Faizeh take over. We have no doubt that you will be as kind and loving to them as you were to us.

There are so many people to thank that we can't begin to mention them all: All the Kingdom Officers, Barons and Baronesses and all of their officers who actually run this Kingdom of Ours, Our Court, Her Majesties Guard, and all the autocrats and other helpers at the events that We attended that made it look like we actually knew what we were doing. Special thanks to all the local chroniclers and heralds, whose hard labors make our groups work smoothly. Most importantly, thank you to the Populace of Caid, you are incredible.


  • Sven, Konungr Caid (Soon to be Count Svenula)
  • Kolfinna, Drottning Caid





Date (2006) Event Location
April 8 Crown Tournament Barony of Dun Or
April 9 Privy Council Barony of Dun Or
April 21-23 Treasure Chest War Barony of Nordwache
April 29 Altavia Anniversary Barony of Altavia
May 13 Darach Anniversary Shire of Darach
May 26-28 Potrero War / Princesses Tea Barony of Calafia
June 3 Coronation Barony of Lyondemere
June 4 Queen’s Champion Barony of Lyondemere
June 10 Principality of Caid Tournament Barony of Altavia
June 12-18 Lilies War Kingdom of Calontir
June 24 Gyldenholt Anniversary Barony of Gyldenholt
July 1 CP Prize Barony of the Angels
July 8 Heatherwyne Anniversary Shire of Heatherwyne
July 9 Laurels Meeting
July 15 Carreg Wen Anniversary Shire of Carreg Wen
July 16 Pelicans Meeting
July 22 Lyondemere Anniversary Barony of Lyondemere
July 28-30 Darkwell War Barony of Dun Or
August 5 Darach Pirate Tournament Shire of Darach
August 12-20 Pennsic War Kingdom of AEthelmearc
August 26 Festival of the Rose Barony of Lyondemere
August 27 Chivalry Meeting
September 1-4 Western Seas Baronial Coronet Barony of Western Seas
September 9 KWAR Barony of Lyondemere
September 10 Law Meeting
September 16 Crown Barony of Dreiburgen
September 17 Privy Council Barony of Dreiburgen
September 30 Angels Anniversary Barony of the Angels
October 8 Queen’s Champion Equestrian Barony of Dreiburgen
October 14 Dun Or Anniversary Barony of Dun Or
October 21 Dreiburgen Anniversary (Sven) Barony of Dreiburgen
October 21 BoD Meeting (Kolfinna)
October 28-29 Estrella Treaty Negotiation Kingdom of Atenveldt
November 4-5 Calafia Anniversary Barony of Calafia
November 11 Coronation Barony of Calafia

Royal Whims

  • Sloths are a protected species in Caid, only Tigers may be allowed to hunt them.
  • For Our viewing pleasure, We would prefer the fighting field to be divided such that We can watch both Armored Combat and Rapier from the Royal pavilion.
  • The Sons of the Lorelei war band shall be known as the Sons of the “Thor”elei.
  • Cheese Pizza is a holy meal and those groups who provide it to His Royal Majesty Sven at their local events shall be blessed.
  • The Knights of the Privy (you know who you are!) shall always bear an item that emits a sweet and fresh aromatic scent.

Silly Sven Names

As published in the monthly Royals Column in the Crown Prints.

  • His Slothiness (June 2006)
  • Svenosaurus Rex (July 2006)
  • Svenry the VIII (Aug 2006)
  • Sventhur Pentdragon (Sept 2006)
  • Holy Roman Svenperor (Oct 2006)
  • Soon to be Count Svenula (Nov 2006)

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