Altavia Anniversary 2006

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Location: Altavia
Date: 4/29/2006

From the Crown Prints

A is for Altavia - A Tournament of Letters
APRIL 29TH 2006

The Barony of Altavia invites all literate nobles to its 23rd Anniversary as we celebrate the written word. Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols, Viking runes carved into stone, Medieval illuminated manuscripts, and the first printed book all contributed to the language we use today, that you are using to read this notice! Rejoice in the words that have evolved over time. Display your letters on garb, jewelry, pavilions, and your horse.

The day’s contests and activities include:

  • Tournaments for the Baronial Champions in Heavy Weapons, Rapier, Chess, and Boffers.
  • Baronial Arts Championship contest – Adult and Child – Entries must display letters worked into the design. Pieces need to be form other than written on paper, but rather a dimensional or non-paper crafting. Documentation should explain the words or text, and source of the language. Extra points will be gained by creative use of letters in the design of the piece.
  • Equestrian Contests - A quest that will be judged on both time and skill. Please bring all of your equipment! ALL level of riders may compete for the Baronial Equestrian Championship, not just Advanced levels. If you need a rental horse, contact Doña Arabella da Siena, the Equestrian Activities Coordinator
  • The Inn of the Crimson Spade will be providing their wonderful games space!
  • Poetry contest – write and read a poem involving the alphabet
  • Alphabet identification quiz
  • Children’s Calligraphy Class
  • Scriptorium
  • Display of finished award scrolls

Schedule of the Day

7:30 am Site opens
9 am Listsopens
10 am Opening Court
7:30 pm Site closes

Site Fee

$5 per Adult member $8 per Adult non-member $3 per child 4 – 12 years old Children three and under are guests of the Barony for the day. Please make checks payable to: “SCA, Inc./ Barony of Altavia”


Gabrieleno Park, 11130 Orcas Avenue Lakeview Terrace, CA


Take you favorite route to the 210 freeway between Pasadena and the San Fernando Valley.

  • Heading East: take the 210-E to Osbourne St. Turn left at the bottom of the ramp (onto Foothill Blvd.) Follow Foothill Blvd. For just under a mile. Turn Right onto Orcas St. it will lead you straight to the park
  • Heading West: take the 210-W to Osbourne St. Turn right at the bottom of the ramp (onto Foothill Blvd.) Follow Foothill Blvd. For just under a mile. Turn Right onto Orcas St. it will lead you straight to the park

Merchants are welcome, however the city of Los Angeles requires that each merchant pay them $100. Should any merchant be interested please contact the Event Autocrat.

Event Autocrat

Mistress Margare of the Silver Dragonfly

Equestrian Activities Coordinator

Doña Arabella da Siena



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