Arabella da Siena

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Arabella at QC Equestrian 2008
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Darach
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Arabella da Siena.png
Gules, on a pale between two hippogriffs combatant each maintaining a glaive argent, three cinquefoils sable.
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Dame Arabella da Siena, Pelican, White Scarf of Outlands and Premiere of the Golden Lance of Caid. Formerly known as Kaela Orion in the Outlands. Founder of the Gold Feather Cadre.

Offices & Championships

Khassa ("Royal Stables")

Zia Procession Closeup.jpg Ghazieh Okba ("Zia"), from the Stock of the Ruala Bedouin Sahab arabian.jpg Sahab, great-grandsire of Zia (sire at Sheykh Obeyd stables)

Otto Headshot jan2011.jpg Octavius ("Otto"), Andalusian warhorse/Prussian Calvary horse

Zia St George REDUX.jpg Ghazieh Okba the mighty dragon killer!

Event Staff

Classes Taught

  • History of Horse Usage, Collegium Caidis 2009. Most people are familiar with warhorses, or ones used for jousting or hunting. What about the other everyday horses? Records of exchange (commerce) start to unfold daily life with horses - numbers bought and sold, the first lemon laws, different types based on use, and how they changed agriculture.

Rapier Teaching Dossier

Arabella is not accepting rapier students at this time, but is an good resource for short people tactics and rapier & dagger technique.

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