Sven II and Kolfinna II

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Prince Sven and Princess Kolfinna
Sovereign: Sven Örfhendur
Consort: Kolfinna kottr
Caid Crown #: 62
Preceded by: Edward and Mora
Succeeded by: Edward II and Mora II

Their Majesties, Sven II and Kolfinna II, 62nd King and Queen of Caid reigned 11/08/2008-6/6/2009.


On 12/6/2008, They created the Order of the Chamfron of Caid. On 3/20/2009, They created the Order of the Golden Lance of Caid. On 6/6/2009, They issued Kingdom Law #14 with David of Caithness.




Viking era, specifically 9th century Danish from Hedeby.

From the September Crown Prints

Greetings Caid,

Time flies when you are having fun and it is already time for us to have Heirs (or as HRM Sven likes to call them "Svittens"). We wish to remind all potential participants that we have re-instated the requirements to fight in Crown, and a letter of intent is required if you wish to compete. All of the details are listed in the August Crown Prints and on the Caid Royals web site. Crown is a glorious tournament to be a part of, and if you have never experienced the joy of the day, We encourage you to enter the tournament as a fighter or a consort.

As parenthood approaches, it is time for Us to become old and crotchety, so We have decided to have some Royal Whims.

These are Our Royal Whims to last for the duration of Our Reign.

Sloths are a protected species in Caid and only Tigers may be allowed to hunt them.

For Our viewing pleasure, We would prefer the fighting field to be divided such that We can watch both Armored Combat and Rapier from the Royal pavilion.

The Sons of the Lorelei war band shall be known as the Sons of the "Thor"elei.

Cheese Pizza is a holy meal and those groups who provide it to His Royal Majesty Sven at their local events shall be blessed.

The Knights of the Privy (you know who you are!) shall always bear an item that emits a sweet and fresh aromatic scent. In early September Caid is hosting the Known World Academy of the Rapier and we hope all of Caid turns out to support this Society level event in Our Backyard. Come join Us while we fence, learn and dance.

We can never say this enough, but thank you Caid for being such a loving, wonderful and supportive Kingdom. You are truly special and We have enjoyed every minute of Our time with you.

  • Sven,Konungr Caid (Sventhur Pentdragon)
  • Kolfinna, Drottning Caid



Date Event Notes
8/23/2008 Summer Crown 2008 Results Summer Crown 2008
8/30/2008-9/1/2008 Highland War 2008
9/8/2008 Atenveldt Crown
9/13/2008 Angels Anniversary 2008
9/20/2008 Collegium Fall 2008 Kolfinna only
10/4/2008 Isles Anniversary 2008 Sven only
10/8/2008-10/13/2008 Great Western War 2008 Princesses Tea
10/17/2008-10/19/2008 Estrella War Treaty Negotiations Kolfinna only
10/18/2008 Dun Or Anniversary 2008 Sven only
10/25/2008 Dreiburgen Anniversary 2008
11/1/2008 Naevehjem Anniversary 2008 Sven only
11/8/2008 Fall Coronation 2008
11/9/2008 Fall Queen's Champion 2008 Results Fall Queen's Champion 2008
11/15/2008 Calafia Anniversary 2008 Queen's Champion Unarmored and Crossbow
11/23/2008 Queen's Champion Archery Fall 2008
12/6/2008 Fall Queen's Champion Equestrian 2008
12/13/2008 Dun Or Yule 2008
12/20/2008 Wintermist Anniversary 2008
1/10/2009 12th Night 2009
1/11/2009 Pelican's Meeting
1/17/2009-1/19/2009 Winter Weekend 2009 Kolfinna only
1/18/2009 Angels Melee 2009 Sven only
1/24/2009 Gyldenholt Unbelted Tourney 2009 Vanguard Meeting
1/25/2009 Laurel's Meeting
2/7/2009 Kolfinna's Festival of the Rose 2009 Kolfinna's Birthday
2/10/2009-2/16/2009 Estrella War 2009 Chivalry Council
2/28/2009 Starkhafn Anniversary 2009 Queen's Champion Thrown Weapons
3/1/2009 White Scarf Meeting
3/7/2009 Winter Crown 2009
3/8/2009 Privy Council
3/13/2009-3/15/2009 Black Oak Lodge 2009 Kolfinna only
3/14/2009 Calafia/Gyldenholt Friendship 2009 Sven only
3/17/2009-3/22/2009 Gulf Wars 2009
4/4/2009 al-Sahid Anniversary 2009
4/5/2009 Chivalry Council
4/17/2009-4/19/2009 Treasure Chest War 2009
4/25/2009-4/26/2009 Pentathlon 2009 Results Pentathlon 2009
5/2/2009 Voyagers May Day Tournament 2009 Sven Only
5/2/2009 Queen's Champion Equestrian Spring 2009 Kolfinna Only
5/3/2009 Princesses Tea
5/9/2009 Altavia Anniversary 2009 Vanguard Meeting
5/21/2009-5/25/2009 Potrero War 2009 Sunday 10am: Archery Tournament of Champions
5/29/2009-5/21/2009 Western Seas Warbands 2009 Chivalry Council, Vanguard Meeting
6/6/2009 Coronation Spring 2009

Silly Sven Names

As published in the monthly Royals Column in the Crown Prints.

  • The once and future Sven (Oct 2008)
  • Sven You Wish upon a Kottr (Nov 2008)
  • Svengustus Caesar (Dec 2008)
  • Svenghis Khan (Jan 2008)
  • Queen Elizasven (Feb 2009)
  • Svennicus Maximus (March 2009)
  • Leif Ericssven (April 2009)
  • Good King Svenceslas (May 2009)
  • Soon to be the Duke of Sven (June 2009)


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