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The Boke of Caidan Law is the Kingdom Law that governs Caid. Currently we are on Version #18. The Current version can be downloaded at the Seneschal's Web Site.

Previous Bokes of Caidan Law

Version # Date Crown Seneschal
1 12/??/1979 Martin and Neptha Unknown
2 Unknown Unknown Unknown
3 Unknown Unknown Unknown
4 05/30/1987 Hanno and Cassaundra signed by Aurelia of Ashton Kingdom Chancellor
5 Unknown Unknown Unknown
6 Unknown Unknown Unknown
7 Unknown Unknown Unknown
8 Unknown Unknown Unknown
9 10/??/2000 Guillaume I and Felinah I Rowen Killian
10 06/08/2002 Guillaume II and Felinah II Rowen Killian
11 Unknown Unknown Unknown
12 ??/??/2006 Sven and Kolfinna Eilidh na Tire Dharigh
13 ??/??/2007 Edric IV and Faizeh Eilidh na Tire Dharigh
14 06/06/2009 Sven II and Kolfinna II David of Caithness
15 Unknown Unknown Unknown
16 Unknown Unknown Unknown
17 05/2015 Mansur II and Eilidh II Thomas Blackkeep
18 07/2017 Agrippa II and Bridget II Christian de Guerre

(Note: This information should be available in the Kingdom Seneschal's records.)


In the first edition of the Boke of Caidan Law (then called "Ye Boke of Caidan Lawe"), the preface reads "Acting upon the conviction that leaders should be restrained and directed by law, and that written law is the best check against capricious and arbitrary leadership, I Martin, Second King of Caid, enact this code of laws of Caid." This preface is still included in all versions of Caidan Law.

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