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The Chatelaine's Office is the Newcomer's office in the SCA, and shall be in charge of hospitality to non-SCA members at Kingdom sanctioned events and shall encourage and facilitate participation in the SCA by those who have never or have just begun to participate.

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In January 1981, Kingdom Seneschal Theodric Pendar of Faulconwood announced the following in the Crown Prints:
The offices of Kingdom Chatelaine, Avant Courier and Golden Key will be combined into one by Kingdom law. The new title for the new office will remain Chatelaine. The responsibilities of the post will combine the duties of the previous three offices; to work with the Kingdom Seneschal to assure smooth communications with the news media, incorporate newcomers into SCA activities and provide some access to costumes for newcomers.

Anyone interested in assuming this position should send a resume to the Kingdom Seneschal by February 28th. Please include your experience in the SCA, but no previous experience in this area is required. Also please list goals and ideas you would bring to the office.

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The format of the MS Word file is designed so that it can be folded into a brochure when it is printed. Each local area can edit this document on the last page to add their specific contact information. For this reason, pdf files and html files are not applicable.

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