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SCA Heralds' badge‎

The herald of a branch is responsible for an array of ceremonial, educational, and record-keeping duties. These duties may include:

  • Vocal heraldry - Announcing entrants and victors in tournaments, acting as the public voice of the branch or its ceremonial heads, making public announcements during events
  • Book heraldry - Assisting branch members as they develop name and armory submissions, educating the branch about heraldic matters
  • Record keeping/reporting - Recording and reporting award recipients at branch events, recording name and armory submissions, informing submitters of the results of their submissions, quarterly reporting to heraldic supervisor and seneschal

Kingdom Heraldic Officers & Groups

Named Staff Titles

Crescent Principal Herald Dolphin Herald Aurum Ambre Battlement
Bellows Chanson Courtesy Duellist Golden Rose
Punner, see: Canting Recorder Quatrefoil Scribe Armarius Silver Abacus
Silver Trumpet Chancellor of the College Exchequer * * *


The Branch Heralds

Some independent territories in Caid have a heraldic title registered for their use. Branch heralds from territories without a registered heraldic title may use the name of the branch as their heraldic title (this was a common enough practice in period). Following is a list of heraldic titles registered to branches within Caid:

Other Titled Heralds in Caid

Heraldic Job Descriptions

These jobs may be performed by one of the above staff officers, by a branch herald, or by an individual with no specific heraldic title assigned to them. If you are interested in volunteering for any of these jobs, contact your branch herald or Crescent.

Heraldic Ranks within Caid

Within Caid, the following heraldic ranks are used:

  • Macer (a new herald)
  • Pursuivant (a journeyman herald)
  • Herald (capitol "H", a senior herald)
  • Herald Extraordinary (A Society-wide rank for exceptional, senior heralds)
  • Sovereign of Arms (A Society-wide rank for the three top positions within the College of Arms)

Any person conducting heraldic activities may be referred to informally as "herald" (small "h").

For more information on heraldic ranks and titles as practiced in Caid, see: Caidan Policy on Heraldic Rank and Recognition

More Information

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Officer Groups: Army, College of Heralds, College of Scribes, Collegium Caidis, Crown Prints, Newcomers Guild, Water Bearer Guild
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