Eiríkr Mjoksiglandi Sigurðarson

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Eirikr Tofi Heralds.jpg
Father 'n son heralds Master Eiríkr Mjoksiglandi Sigurðarson & Tofi inn hvassi
Resides: Dreiburgen
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Per chevron gules and Or, three phoenixes counterchanged

Master Eiríkr Mjoksiglandi Sigurðarson and his lady wife Mistress Astridhr Selr Leifsdóttir were elevated to the Order of the Pelican on 11/14/1999 by TRM Francesc and Seanach.

Master Eiríkr and Mistress Astridhr are the (real-world) parents of Lady Elisabeth Goodchilde and Tofi inn hvassi.


Not to be confused with Lord Eirikr mjoksiglandi

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