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Crescent Principal Herald's notification deputy is responsible for notifying submitters of the results of their submissions.

The Administrative Handbook of the College of Arms, subsection V.A.2 specifies:

Timely Notification of Submitters - The Principal Herald, either directly or through designated deputies, shall ensure that all submitters are notified of the results of the submissions process without undue delay at any level. Notification of registration by the College of Arms or of return at any level must be made in writing to the individual submitter. Printed notices in kingdom newsletters do not meet this requirement, although they are encouraged for public relations purposes.

Over time, this essential, yet time-consuming task has been delegated by Crescent Herald to dedicated deputies.

In 2007, the Board of Directors and Laurel Queen of Arms changed Corpora to permit kingdoms to notify submitters first via e-mail, with written notification necessary only when e-mail notification is impossible, or it is unclear that the e-mail notification was received by the submitter. This change significantly reduced the costs involved in keeping submitters informed.

Some Notifications Deputies

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