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The Collegium Caidis holds educational sessions for SCA attendees, currently on a yearly basis. Classes are taught in all areas of interest and include lectures, hands-on workshops, open discussions and martial arts practices. Frequently, the event includes an open Scriptorum as well as a heraldic consultation table.


Collegium Caidis is overseen by the Chancellor of Collegium Caidis, who is a kingdom officer. The Chancellor's staff includes:

  • Regents - each assigned a track (area of study) to recruit instructors and solicit classes
  • Scheduler - arranges times and room assignments for classes, produces the session schedule
  • Treasurer - receives registration fees from students and pays expenses
  • Webwright - maintains the website
  • Site Steward(s) - contact person between the Collegium and the owner of the site rented to hold the session
  • Registrar - historically maintained list of students and assigned them to classes on first-come-first-served basis, now serves as adviser to the Chancellor

Collegium Caidis Sessions

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