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Or, on a fess embattled vert between two clusters of grapes crossed in saltire at the stems [Vitis vinifera caringnan] and a sprig of heather [Calluna vulgaris] proper a laurel wreath Or.
Founded: June 1978
(officially recognized 9/12/1978)
Modern Location: Pomona Valley


Dissolved: 2014

Area: Pomona, San Dimas, La Verne, Diamond Bar, Claremont, Montclair, Ontario, Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, and the surrounding areas within the Pomona Valley.

Meaning: Heather for Scotland, as many of the founders have Scottish persona, and/or are Scots. Wyne, variation of wine, for all the vinyards and wineries that had been in the Valley. The arms of the Shire are canting, with the sprig of heather for the first half of the name, and the grapes symbolizing the wyne in the second half of the name. The battlement was to remind us always that the Shire was between a Rock and a Hard Place, being the two Baronies that surrounded us.

Established: June 10, 1978, one week after Caid became a Kingdom at the First Coronation.

Blazon: Or, on a fess embattled vert between two clusters of grapes crossed in saltire at the stems [Vitis vinifera caringnan] and a sprig of heather [Calluna vulgaris] proper a laurel wreath Or.

Heraldic officer's title: Sommelier

Newsletter: Previously, The Heatherwyne Press

Fighting Unit(s): Previously, Royal Company of Heatherwyne of the Army of Caid

Song: The Heatherwyne Song

Territories of Heatherwyne

Memories of the Founding Groups

  • To Keradwc and anybody else who's interested: Gorgonoth (canton of Angels), founded by Waldt and Alison von Markheim became the Barony of Dreibergen with Alison and Waldt as first Baroness and Baron. They called it Dreibergen because of the three big mountains within the Barony's borders : Mount San Gregorio, Mount San Jacinto, and (!) Mount Baldy (!). Now, all of you present and former caidans (of which I am one too!) are probably thinking: but Mount Baldy's in Heatherwine!?! Well, Mount Baldy is in Heatherwine, but Heatherwine wasn't around when Dreibergen was founded. The area that makes up Heatherwine today was originally part of Dreibergen. That territory was ceded when Heatherwine became a shire. Now when Alsion told me the story of the founding of Dreibergen (because I foolishly wanted to know where the name came from...), after she told me about giving Mount Baldy away to Heatherwine, I asked her why they didn't change the name to "Zweibergen" (I even kept a straight face when I did this, which was remarkable under the circumstances). And the look I got out of Alison can only be imagined if you know Alsion (if looks could wither, I'd be a prune by now...). ::Ya sure, it was fun!: The Completely Innocent Tux (really! no kidding! would I ever pull anyone's leg?!? Me?!?) (FROM: Stefan's Florilegium) From: Meisterin Therasia von Tux, OP, Date: 20 May 91 22:23:20 GMT (Insignificant Pondscum)


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