Armand and Diana

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Armand Diana DeSevigny Caid First Coronation.jpg
Armand and Diana at the Kingdom of Caid First Coronation Festival 1978
Sovereign: Armand de Sevigny
Consort: Diana de Savigny
Caid Crown #: 1
Preceded by: TRH Martin and Neptha (Caid), and TRM Gregory and Bevin (West)
Succeeded by: Martin and Neptha

Their Majesties Armand and Diana reigned as Caid's first King and Queen from 06/03/1978-11/18/1978.

Awards Given

First Coronation Festival 1978-First Court of Armand and Diana, 06/03/1978, (Angels)

First Queen's Champion Festival, 06/04/1978, (Angels)

St. Gunther's Tourney 1978, 07/08-09/1978 (Calafia)

Leodamas of Thebes Tourney 1978, 09/09-10/1978

Second Crown Tournament 1978, 09/23-24/1978 (Calafia)

South Coast Village Demo 1978, 10/14/1978 (Gyldenholt)

Caid Atenveldt War 1978, 10/20-21/1978 (Dreiburgen)

Dreiburgen Anniversary 1978, 10/28/1978

Fall Coronation-Final Court of Armand and Diana, 11/18/1978 (Lyondemere)