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Kingdom of the West
Founded: 05/01/1966
Modern Location: USA: Northern California, Nevada and Alaska;

ASIA: Japan, Korea and Pacific Rim

The Kingdom of the West was the first kingdom founded in the Society for Creative Anachronism. The lands that are now Caid were originally part of the West kingdom. Today, the West kingdom borders Caid to the north.

Westerners that are former Caidans

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Caidan Baronies: Altavia, Angels, Calafia, Dreiburgen, Dun Or, Gyldenholt, Lyondemere, Naevehjem, Nordwache, Starkhafn, Western Seas, Wintermist
Caidan Shires: Al-Sahid, Carreg Wen, Darach, Isles
Caidan Cantons: Bard's Keep, Canyons, Castle North, Cragdon, Gallavally, Mons Draconis, Peridot Isle, Poll na Gainmhe, Steinsee, Summergate, Tanwayour, Torvald, Valley Azure
Caidan Colleges: Boethius, Fenwood Knoll, Noe, Saint Artemas, Saint Firmin, San Ambrogio, San Isidore, Tour d'Yvoire, Voyagers
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