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Canton of the Canyons
Canyons Arms.gif
Gules, within a laurel wreath proper three chevronels braced, in honor point an estoile of eight points Or.
Founded: 3/8/1977
Modern Location: San Gabriel Valley, CA


The Canton of the Canyons included the San Gabriel Valley east to the border with the Shire of Heatherwyne.

  • Founded: March 1975. The name refers to the proliferation of canyons in the area, especially the San Gabriel Valley. The founding seneschal was Lord Alejandro de Salamanca
  • Blazon: Gules, within a laurel wreath proper three chevronelles braced, in honor point an estoile of eight points Or
  • Status: The Canton is currently in abeyance.

If you live in one of the zip codes listed here (, you are in the Barony of the Angels. For more information about happenings in the Barony, visit (


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