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Barony of Gyldenholt
Azure, three trees conjoined in fess Or, surmounted on the foliage by a laurel wreath vert, within a bordure Or
Founded: 14 Nov 1978 as a canton of Angels, 12 Jan 1980 became Barony
Modern Location: Orange County, California

Gyldenholt is ruled by Their Excellencies Ilia and Vitasha.

The Barony of Gyldenholt was the winner of 2006's Caid Blood Donation Month and Challenge with twelve donations.


Modern Territory: Orange County, California

Meaning: "Orange grove", in archaic English. The name refers to the wealth of orange groves that have given the modern county its name.

Blazon: Azure, three trees conjoined in fess Or, surmounted on the foliage by a laurel wreath vert, within a bordure Or.

Regalia: There have been three sets of Gyldenholt coronets. The oldest pair were blued steel with brass trim; possibly made by Heinrich Palantine. Armand and Diana, first baron and baroness, wore them; they were later used as Reeve and Reevess coronets. Ambros Celidonis made the second pair, of nickel silver and brass, with enameled medallions with the Gyldenholt badge; Béla and Rosemary were invested with them. The current set was made by Igraine d'Abernon and was presented during the tenure of Morgan and Gwendolyn.

Heraldic officer's title: Gold Forest The herald's title is a translation of the area name into modern English.

Newsletter: Gyldenholt Press

Fighting Unit(s): Guardians of the Golden Grove

Sub-divisions of Gyldenholt

Gyldenholt's Awards

  • The Citrine (in submission as of June 2012) Created by Ursul and Colette, recognizes exemplary service to the Barony.
  • The Escutcheon d'Or Created by Ursul and Colette, recognizes admirable fighting.
  • The Orange Blossom (in submission as of June 2012) Created by Ursul and Colette, recognizes accomplishments in the Arts and Sciences.
  • The Anneau de Gentilesse Created by Giles and Giuseppe at Anniversary XXXII (AS 47); recognizes those whose courtesy and grace have been unanimously endorsed by the Ladies of Gyldenholt. This award was closed when Giles and Giuseppe stepped down in June 2016
  • The Forêt d'Or Created by Armand and Diana in XIV as Gyldenholt's premier award, given only at Anniversary celebrations. Honors those whose dedication to the Barony have added luster and grace to life in Gyldenholt.

Gyldenholt's Regalia


Predecessors of Gyldenholt

Other cantons of Angels established in the area that is now Gyldenholt include

  • Canton of Failte, Orange County, established in June 1972, disbanded April 1976
  • Canton of Eastern Gate, North Orange County, established 6 January 1973, disbanded post-April 1974
  • Canton of Naess, Fullerton area, established in Feb 1972, disbanded before July 1975

The Founding

Gyldenholt started in my living room. I had been in the SCA for six months. I got tired of having to drive to Sir Hugh the Undecided's place for fighting practice. I started asking why we didn't have a branch in orange county. Nobody had a good reason why so I organized the first meeting after that everyone there worked together and we founded the branch that became Gyldenholt. Things realy took off when Armand and Diana moved in to our area. Later people told me that new people didn't organize branches. I guess I was just ignorant. I think it was 1976 and I know Carl Nelson and Eric Bean were there. Also I think Sir Christian of Orange and Anonimus the Amnesiac were there. I know there were more people there but not many more. ~ From Agelos Evienece, who served Gyldenholt as its first Marshall, transcribed by Giles Hill



Annual Events

Unbelted Tournament

  • Held in late January. Begun by Baron Armand and Baroness Diana in 1980, this is Caid's premier tournament for unbelted (non-knight) armored combatants. Traditionally, winners of this tournament never again compete in it.

Baron's Feast

  • Baron's Feast - Traditionally held in April at Irvine Regional Park. Called "Barons' Feast" during the tenure of Barons Giles & Giuseppe. Baron's Feast is hosted by the reigning baron of Gyldenholt where they, and their volunteer staff, serve a multi-course feast over several hours. In between the courses, a number of competitions are held to find the Baron's Feast Champions (not to be confused with the Baronial Champions). The competitions in recent years include:
    • Bocce Ball
    • Horseshoes
    • Kuub (Thrown Weapons)
    • Archery (Novelty / non-lethal shoot)

Calafia / Gyldenholt Friendship Tournament

  • Held in early March, hosted by Calafia in even-numbered years.

Gyldenholt Anniversary


  • Held in early December, hosted by Lyondemere in odd-numbered years.

More Information

The Barony of Gyldenholt sponsors a Baronial Yahoo Email List open to all members of Gyldenholt and Caid.

The Barony has a official FaceBook page for announcements and event publicity, and an unofficial page for discussion and socializing.

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