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Starkhafn shield.png
Per bend sable and checky argent and azure, in sinister chief a flame of fire proper within a laurel wreath argent
Founded: In the West Kingdom, then Barony Oct 1982 in Caid
Modern Location: Southern Nevada (Clark County)

StarkhafnRRE is held in fief by Their Excellencies Robartach and Gyda.


Meaning: "Stark" for the desert, "hafn" for haven or home.

Established: Approximately 1980 in West Kingdom. Became a Barony in October 1982.

Area: Southern Clark County, NV including Las Vegas

Former Territories of Starkhafn: Canton of La Luminaire Rouge

Newsletter: Originally called Stark Ravings, then Camel Droppings, and currently Baronial Banner

Fighting Unit(s): Ahtagais aka "Stormtroopers" (Star Wars ref), Drengsheim

Baronial Heraldic Titles:

  • Flame: Baronial herald's title reflects the principal charge on the arms.
  • Flame Pursuivant: Barnial heraldic title registered to Starkhafn in December 2003.
  • Flame Pursuivant Extraordinary: Baronial heraldic title registered initially to Caid April 1981, and subsequently transferred to Starkhafn in December 2003.



Starkhafn Polling Orders

The Barony has four polling orders, bestowed by the Baron and Baroness based on recommendations from members of the different Orders. Members of the Orders are polled at Starkhafn Yule, in consultation with Their Excellencies, to determine those individuals who may be worthy of recognition. New members of the Orders are traditionally elevated at Starkhafn Anniversary. The four original polling orders were created by the 3rd Baron and Baroness, Antonius and Créd.

  • Order of the Flame of Starkhafn: Baronial service polling order for superior service to the Barony over a span of years.
  • Order of the Augmented Flame of Starkhafn: Baronial service polling order exemplary service and dedication to the Barony.
  • Order of Saint Illuminatus: Formerly known as "the Illumination," Starkhafn's arts polling order for "excellence in a particular art or scientific endeavor, teaching, mentoring, and sharing that art or science with others.
  • Order of the Defender of the Flame: Starkhafn's Baronial martial arts polling order for those who have brought honor to themselves and the Barony through continued excellence in one or more martial arts.
  • Order of the Rangers of the Flame: Order for individuals who have displayed excellence in Ranged Weapons. This order was created by Robartach and Gyda. The premiers of this order were instated at Starkhafn's Cèilidh virtual event on October 31, 2020 (A.S. 55).

Flame Artisans of Starkhafn

The title of Flame Artisan is granted to the Artisan chosen from the Flame Artisan Contest annually at Starkhafn Anniversary. The creation of the Flame Artisan was brought to life by Mistress Melisande de Frayne to provide a forum for Artisans to display not just one or two entries, but showcase their body of work across a variety of Arts and Sciences categories. Both unfinished and completed works are displayed. This allows the Artisans to exhibit the breadth of their interests and skills. The Flame Artisan is chosen by a judging team that consists of the previous Flame Artisans, the Baron and Baroness and visiting Royals.

(This list isn't complete)

Flame Bards of Starkhafn

The title of Flame Bard of Starkhafn was created by Robartach and Gyda. The first competition was held at Starkhafn's Anniversary Each year since a new Flame Bard has been chosen. Along with the title of Flame Bard, the champion is given a leather bound book to inscribe their winning entry. This book is passed to each successive Flame Bard.

Starkhafn Quintivium Champions

In order to vie for the Quintivium Cup, entrants must compete in each of the five different Baronial championships held at Starkhafn's Anniversary. When this competition was first created, the five areas were the Arts and Sciences, Archery, Armored, Rapier and Equestrian competitions. The winner is the competitor who scored or placed the highest overall the five areas combined. A lovely drinking vessel with the title, Quintivium Champion, along with the year designation is presented to the winner.

Starkhafn Warlord

The now legendary hours long warrior vs warrior combat to vie for the title, The Baron's Warlord or Starkhafn Warlord, was first held at Talon Crescent War II. It has been held annually at Starkhafn's Anniversary ever since. The Warlord Tourney is held after the Baronial Armored Champion Tourney and can only be entered by combatants who have competed in that Tourney. The entrants fight one on one until only one warrior is left standing, that is the Warlord. The victor leads the Starkhafn Levy on the field of battle in the stead of the Baron when he is manning the Siege weapon, if he is unable to take the field or next to His Excellency when they are both on the battlefield.

In honour of the creation of this auspicious title, Baron Robartach commissioned a War Axe by Zsoltan Kovacs. This magnificent creation of steel and fire stands one full height of a Starkhafn Baroness decorated with beautiful brass work by Zsoltan Kovacs's lady wife Laurie the Wise and rings like the call of the Valkyrie when struck. Each Warlord has the honour of wielding the Baron's Axe during ceremonies, court and when leading the Levy.

It is fabled that this Axe possess a strength giving power to those it deems worthy. On the last night before the 4th Warlord Tourney, Baroness Gyda approached THL Cináed Ciabach, thinking that the next day would end with another worthy warrior holding the Axe aloft and presented it to him to guard one last night. That night, the Axe seeing his earnest care, honour and strength called upon Cináed to once again prevail and once again be named Warlord. The following day saw much glorious battle between the assembled combatants. Following the earlier battles the warriors lined up to vie for the lauded Warlord title and began to fight, one on one. As the warriors began to tire, the line dwindled and the time between rounds grew shorter. Cináed continued to return to the field to face warrior after warrior. As the day went on and more gathered to watch, the final two warriors weary, drenched and resolute took the field. As they fought, Cináed heard the signing of the Axe and answered its call with one final blow that brought victory. Proudly Robartach and Gyda went onto the field to congratulate the champion. As the Baron handed the Axe to his Warlord, Cináed's vigor was renewed and he raised the Axe aloft letting out an impressive war cry.


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