Ciothruadh Dubh

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Kythera of Anevern.jpg
Paper feast hat of DOOM!
Preferred title: None (prefers not to use titles)
Their Pronouns: she/her
Resides: Ansteorra
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Purpure, on a chief triangular argent a raven maintaining a spear sable

(Image forthcoming)
Badge: (Fieldless) In bend sinister a raven sustaining a spear bendwise sable
(Image forthcoming)
Badge: (Fieldless) A mullet voided and interlaced within and conjoined to an annulet purpure
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Tiarna Ciothruadh Dubh, also known as Kythera of Anevern, Cithrúadh dubán, Ciothruadh of Lyondemere, and Creature Gargoyl.

Ciothruadh first encountered the SCA in the early 1990s, and resided for a time in the Barony and Kingdom of Atenveldt, but remained elusive and shy. In 2005, she relocated to the Barony of Lyondemere in the Kingdom of Caid, where she has been happy and active (and not a little bit silly) since 2008, having finally found Her People.

At Lyondemere Anniversary and Investiture 2009, Ciothruadh was inducted into the Order of the Sanderling by Their Excellencies Thomas and Angelina, and granted an Award of Arms by Their Royal Majesties Edward II and Mora II.

Purveyor of whimsy.

Mundane life necessitated her migration to Ansteorra, where she now resides in the Barony of Stargate.


Ciothruadh Dubh is a Celt of some variety, who currently has a something of a Viking identity crisis.

A Note on Nomenclature

Ciothruadh, though reportedly pronounhced "Kiruah" ("Like Japanese Kahlua!" - Beathog nic Dhonnchaidh), was selected from yon list of Irish names because it looks like an Irish spelling of "Kythera" (which is pronounced more like "hyphen" than "kitten"). Ergo, she will answer to both, though probably more readily to "Kythera" than "Japanese Kahlua". Ciothruadh Dubh and Ciothruadh the Black are equally acceptable either spoken or written.

There is also a rumor about someone matching Ciothruadh's description who is called Creature Gargoyl...


Offices & Positions

Classes Taught

  • Here There Be Dragons: A Draconic Drawing Lessson, Potrero War 2009
  • Creatures, Beasts & Fairies: How to recognize fairies and other Medieval creatures, and how to draw them, Collegium Caidis 2009

Publication History

Crown Prints Cover art

  • December 2009: Illustration: "Kottr and her Sloth"
  • August 2010: Cover: "August Crown"
  • January 2013: Cover: "Peerage Goblet"

Crown Printscess

Tournaments Illuminated art

  • Issue 176, 4th Quarter 2010: Photographer: "Poore House Dayshade"
  • Issue 181, 1st Quarter 2012: Illustrator: Merry Tales: "We Threw The Astrolabe at a Badger..."
  • Issue 183, 3rd Quarter 2012: Book Review: Secret Murder: Who Shall Judge?
  • Issue 186, Spring 2013: Cover: "Titivillus"


A complete gallery of Ciothruadh's SCA artwork can be found on her personal website, here.

General SCA


Ciothruadh was requested by Her Royal Majesty Cassandra to create largesse in the theme of period playing cards. These are a series of 2.5" x 3.5" cards based on a 16th century French deck, each depicting the recipients in baronial/kingdom colors, with the baronial/kingdom populace badge in place of the suit pips. The background of each card uses the field division and colors of the recipient's personal arms. A set of cards featuring Their Majesties was created as well. Sets are listed in the order in which they were presented.

Pokkit Heraldree

Pocket-sized (3.5 x 2.5 inches) hand-drawn heraldic ACEOs for SCA folk.
Populace and territories to whom these devices are registered are free to use these images for any non-profit purpose (and may contact Ciothruadh for high resolution files).



Mirthlions of Lyondemere

The Mirthlions of Lyondemere are a (more or less) regular feature in the Tydes.

Other Info

Ciothruadh Dubh is also known as Kythera of Anevern (it should be noted that "Kythera of Anevern" is a purely modern invented name, and as far as she knows, "Anevern" is not a real place).