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Shire of the Isles
Isles shield.png
Barry wavy argent and azure, a tower within a laurel wreath gules
Founded: about 1972
Modern Location: Santa Barbara County, CA


Meaning: There are several small islands off the shores of Santa Barbara.

Area: Santa Barbara and (originally) Ventura counties. Currently just Santa Barbara county.

Blazon: Barry wavy argent and azure, a tower within a laurel wreath gules.

Heraldic officer's title: Red Tower.

Awards: Crimson Tower (no longer a baronial-level award, but can still be given by current Kings and Queens for outstanding and consistent service to the Shire).

Newsletter: Uncharted Waters, the previously-published shire newsletter, has been out of production for a while.

Fighting Unit: The Crimson Skirts (Rapier), The Hand of the Hunt (Armored Combat)



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