Hand of the Hunt

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Founded: Estrella, 2003
Status: Active
Willst du nicht mein bruder sein,
Schlag ich dir den schaedel ein.

The Hand of the Hunt is a warband based in the Shire of the Isles, but with members also drawn from the shires of Carreg Wen and Darach.

The Hand is patterned after a late period continental mercenary Company. At the inception of the Northern Alliance, the unit entered a long term contract with the Barony of Starkhafn, who remains the warband's primary employer. The Hand shares the Alliance war cry of 'Vae Victus' (Woe to the conquered).

Located on Caid's north western frontier, the Hand has launched several border raids into the West Kingdom, typically taking place at the Tarnmist Court of Love, and the Canton of Borderwinds Protectorate events, although in the past the Hand has also been employed by the Western Prince of the Mists to aid in his war with Cynagua. The unit's war banner is the blue hand emblem quartered with the Caidan cross.

The slogan 'Willst du nicht mein bruder sein, schlage ich dir den schaedel ein' is a German phrase meaning 'Be my brother, or I'll crush your head'.