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Canton of Summergate
Canton of Summergate.png
Per chevron Or and azure, two laurel wreaths vert and on a sun Or a portcullis azure.
Founded: Fall 1982
Modern Location: Northern San Diego County, CA

Calafia's Canton of Summergate encompasses the North County area of San Diego, CA, from the border with Gyldenholt south to Escondido. It includes Camp Pendleton and UC San Marcos within its borders.


  • Established in Fall 1982 as a canton of Calafia
  • Seneschal:
    • Lona Alh-win of Summergate (? - Feb 1987)
    • Roidin the Dauntless (Feb 1987 - ?)
    • Sir Jordan of Marlborough (? - Sept 2005)
    • The Honorable Lady Danyel de Licatia (Sept 2005 - Aug 2007)
    • Master Quinn Phelan (Sept 2007 - May 2010)
    • Lady Tabitha de Bard (May 2010 - May 2012)
    • Sir Gamyl of Mottrum (May 2012 - 2017)
    • The Honorable Lady Carrie Bear (2017 - present)

In April 2007, the canton released its initial device Per chevron Or and vert, two laurel wreaths vert and in base on a sun Or a corral gate proper

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