Saint Artemas

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College of Saint Artemas
Canton of St Artemas.gif
Vert, two quill pens in saltire argent within a laurel wreath, in chief three goblets Or.
Founded: 1988
Modern Location: University of California, San Diego

College of Saint ArtemasRRE


  • A college of Calafia
  • Named for St. Artemas of Pozzuoli (d. unknown) who was Martyr of Pozzuoli, Italy. He is traditionally described as a teenage boy in the Roman Empire who was stabbed to death with iron pens by pagan classmates. He taught the Christian faith to other boys and one day, the pupils got unruly, and stabbed Artemas to death with their styluses. He was killed in Pozzuoli, and venerated in Capua.
  • The College of Saint Artemas is known for a yearly bread riot occurring at the Artemas Anniversary celebration caused by disagreements with the Barony, most commonly over taxes.
  • The College of Saint Artemas is also known for new Seneschals "killing" their predecessor.
  • Awards: College Service Medallion
  • Combat Forms: Armored - Guardians of St. Artemas, Unarmored

Seneschals and Their Deaths

  • Cein ferch Aylwyn, Poisoned by Ulfric at Cedrych's behest
  • Cedrych Ladyman, Slain in a sword duel with Ulfric
  • Ulfric Osler of Land's End, Shot through the heart by Georg von Einbeck
  • Georg von Einbeck, Stabbed from behind by Guenevere
  • Guenevere Marian Coe, Strangled by Caoilfhionn with her scarf
  • Caoilfhionn of the Glen, Brutally axed to death by Anedd
  • Anedd ferch Meilyr, Slain by an exploding book given to her by Andreu
  • Andreu Fayrfax, Slow poison administered the night before by Daniella
  • Daniella MacDavidson, Exotic deadly spider that Lord Kean placed on her shoulder in the middle of court
  • Kean de Lacy, Accidentally murdered by Lady Ariana while she was trying to protect him
  • Arianna Irene de Caro, Lord Basil led the rest of the college in stoning her to death
  • Basil Euphonius, Slain by Lady Liuete's vorpal bunny
  • Liuete Liana da Luna, Strangled by Lady Muirrenn during Court
  • Seraphina Sacheverell, Beaten to death with bread by Lady Liuete
  • Muirenn ingen Donndubáin, Struck down by ravenous ninjas employed by Lady Ilaria
  • Ilaria de Fiori, Slain by a vicious Rodent Of Unusual Size
  • Rodent Of Unusual Size, Slain by Duibheasa.
  • Duibheasa inghean Fhionnghaile, Kidnapped by brigands and bludgeoned to death with sausage by their leader, Gregory Lukyn.
  • Gregory Lukyn, Assaulted with quills by a mob of enraged students due to his long windedness lead by Valdis in Blarhar.
  • Valdis in Blarhar, Attacked by a zombie Gregory Lukyn
  • Gregory Lukyn, Stuck in the neck with a feather quill from behind by a robed Orion
  • Orion Martyn, Poisoned by Rudaba with arsenic laced water
  • Rudaba al-Nadiyah, Dismembered by Sárán and hidden under cover of night
  • Sárán mac Duinn, Strangled with her own braids by Catrin for forgetting to mention the games during opening court
  • Catrin Aderyn, Turned into "Senesch-ale" (a delightful cinnamon-y soda) by Ariana, who then served the "Senesch-ale" to the populace
  • Ariana verch Gwenllian, Poisoned by chocolate coin "tax refund," only to be given the antidote by Baron Oliver who said she wasn't getting away that easily...

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