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Barony of Wintermist
Gules, a laurel wreath Or and on a chief invected argent, three snowflakes gules.
Founded: (as a Shire) 1988, (as a Barony) 10/10/2015
Modern Location: Western Kern County, California

The Barony of WintermistRRE covers western Kern County, CA, most notably the City of Bakersfield up to the Lake Isabella and Tahachapi regions. The name refers to the thick fog that envelopes the area in the wintertime. The Barony's newsletter is Tales from the Mist.

The Barony of Wintermist is host to Caid's annual Great Western War, held in October.

The first Baron and Baroness are Einarr and Kale.


Originally formed as a Shire, the name Wintermist was registered in September 1988.

The Shire was raised to Baronial status on October 10, 2015 at GWW grand court by King Athanaric and Queen Sigridhr.


In addition to its device, there are several badges registered to the group:

  • (Fieldless) A snowflake gules
  • The populace badge
  • Purpure, a lyre and a bordure invected Or
  • The Lyre d'Or, a recognition for artistic achievement.
  • Argent, a gillyflower within a bordure invected gules
  • The Gillyflower, recognition for service to the Barony
  • Or, six swords, three and three, points to center gules
  • The Company of the Vane, recognition for fighting prowess

Baronial Officers

As of February, 2017

Annual Events

  • Knewbie Knockabout: Held in April, a long-standing event for fighters who have been authorized less than 2 years. More experienced fighters are welcome to give pointers!
  • Wintermist Anniversary: Held in May
  • Great Western War: Held in October
  • Three and a Half Baronial Friendship Tourney: First held in March 2010 with the Baronies of Nordwache, Dun Or, and Naevehjem
  • Wintermist Yule Tourney: Customarily held in late November or early December

Territories of Wintermist

  • L'Universite de la Tour d'Yvoire (California State University-Bakersfield) Currently dark

Wintermist Song/Anthem

The Heart of the North (Based on "Bogurodzica")
by Paul fitz Denis – with revisions by A’isha al-Raqqasa

Listen to the story, hear how Wintermist was born
Tell the saga of creation of the Heart of the North.

First came those of Darkwell, to this land both rich and fair
Darkness passing into Winter in the Heart of the North.

Ebb and flow of households, Orphans and Clan Caradawc
They are gone now but remembered by the Heart of the North.

Kalé brought us forward, leading gentles near and far,
Choosing Einarr as her Baron of the Heart of the North.

Artisans and heralds, Ogres, Horsemen all stand proud
For the honor that you all bring to the Heart of the North.

Now all raise your glasses, join the toast with loud Hazzah!
Drink to Einarr and to Sunnifa. Hail the Heart of the North.

What the future will bring, none can say and none can know
We, together, greet this new day for the Heart of the North.

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