Alphonsus Balthasar von Hamer

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Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Wintermist
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Known Aliases: Fonzicus, Fonsicus

Offices & Positions



Image Award Date
N/A Award of Arms 01/08/2022 Kingdom
Duellist-kk.png Duellist 05/21/2022 Kingdom
Harpargent-kk.png Harp Argent (smithing & leatherworking) 10/08/2022 Kingdom
Vane.jpg Company of the Vane 05/21/2022 Baronial(Wintermist)
Lyre-1.jpg Order of the Lyre d'Or 05/20/2023 Baronial(Wintermist)
Argent Blade Sub1.jpg Argent Blade 09/23/2023 Kingdom
WMBaronialRecognition.jpg Baronial Recognition 05/18/2024 Baronial(Wintermist)
WMWintersBlade.jpeg Company of Winter's Blade, Premier 05/18/2024 Baronial(Wintermist)
Company of the Gillyflower 05/18/2024 Baronial(Wintermist)


  • Calafia Rapier Tournament Champion, 01/15/2022
  • Highland Rapier Bearpit Tournament Champion 9/2/22
  • Calafia Rapier Tournament Arts & Sciences Champion, 01/15/2022, entry: Provost scroll painted on hand made paper.
  • Red Star Rapier War: Come Up Tournament Champion, 02/17/2023
  • Wintermist Rapier Champion, 05/20/2023
  • Calafia Rapier Tournament Arts & Sciences Champion, 08/12/2023, entry: Etched brass scroll.
  • Wintermist Anniversary Arts & Sciences People's Choice, 05/18/2024, entry: Fencing Manual.

Classes Taught

  • Buckler Basics - RSRW 2023
  • Control by Constraint - Wintermist Baronial practice 2024
  • Control by Constraint - RSRW 2024
  • Control by Constraint - Academia Draconis 2024


FonzFullHeraldry2.jpeg Full achievement



FonzFirstScroll.jpg Provost scroll on handmade paper
DiagoDuellistScroll.jpeg Scroll for Diago de las Casas: Cotton paper, Ink, and Paint
DarthFlamingo.jpeg Cuff for Solomon Upir Karamzin: Leather and Brass
KeyRoseFrog.jpeg Rapier Frog for Emil Camus: Leather
FonzFrog.jpeg Rapier Frog : Leather and Brass
FonzSecondScroll.png Etched brass scroll
BookOfFonz.jpeg Book of Fonz Cover
BookOfFonzPG1.jpeg Book of Fonz Page 1