Sven Örfhendur

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Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Dun Or
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Sven Orfhendur Device.png
Argent, a sloth pendant contourney vert from a rod fesswise sable
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Duke Sven Orfhendur, KSCA, found the SCA in 1984 while living in Altavia (shortly before the Canton of Dun Or formed). He has been active in the Kingdom pretty regularly since then, except for a brief stint of living in the West. He was knighted in 2001 and won Crown in 2006, 2008, 2011, 2013 and 2024. He is known for using interesting variations of Sven in tournaments. He fights for Ismay of Giggleswick. Sven is the head of Hús Beytill, a member of the Early Period Alliance and a Former Yarri Squire.

He was elevated to the Order of the Chivalry on May 19, 2001 by Ivan V and Ciar Lasse, King and Queen of Caid.


Sven is an 820s Danish Viking from the city of Hedeby. He is also a member of Siech Persistent.


Offices & Positions


Sven Names

Sven likes to use humorous variations of his name in tournaments. Here is a partial list.

  • Used in regular tournaments: Sir Sven USA, Svenbad the Sailor, Slothboy, Sven du jour, Svenbob Squarepants, Svendog, Sven Dukenuker, Svencifer, Prince of Darkness, Ace Sventura, Sven in Black, Sven in doubt, Svendar, Master of the Universe, Intel Sventium Processor, Sven Pigs Fly, Svenderella, It’s a Sveniful Life, Sven the Chamber Lord, Svendi Claus, Jar Jar Sven, Sven, The Happy Camper, Svendi Lauper, Lord Alfred Svennyson,, Svendiana Jones, Svena, Warrior Princess, Svendie Loo Hoo, Svendilocks, Svending Machine, Svendows 2000, Svendy O’Williams, Svenellope Pitstop, Sveneration X, Sveni Svidi Svici, Svenie the Pooh, Svenilla Fudge, Svenilla Ice, Svenivator, Svennila Gorilla, Svennsilvania 65000, Svenny Hanna, Svennyslav the Perspirant, Svensory Overload, Sventer Aisle, Sventura Highway, The Perils of Svendolyn, The Svenster, Svenutbutter, Svennie Barbarino, That’s Sventertainment!, Svendog the Pirate, Svend Thrift, Sven of Nine, Arthur Svendragon, Sven the Politically Correct, Svenzilla, Svennace the Menace, Svennasarus Rex, Count Svenula, Svencil Neck Geek, Sven and Jerry's Ice Cream
  • Used in CP articles during his first reign: His Slothiness, Svenosaurus Rex, Svenry the VIII, Sventhur Pentdragon, Holy Roman Svenperor, Soon to be Count Svenula
  • Used in CP articles during his second reign: The once and future Sven, Sven You Wish upon a Kottr, Svengustus Caesar, Svenghis Khan, Queen Elizasven, Svennicus Maximus, Leif Ericssven, Good King Svenceslas, Soon to be the Duke of Sven.


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