Yaroslav the Persistent

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Kyr Yaroslav at GWW
Resides: Caid
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Or, a phoenix displayed GU armed AR, head to sinister, rising from flames GU engulfing a twisted ram's horn AR, all within a serpent embowed, biting its tail, horned, and crested sable

Yaroslav the Persistent

Baron Kyr Yaroslav the Persistent. He was elevated to the Order of the Chivalry on November 22, 1986, by Edward and Ilaria, King and Queen of Caid.


Yaroslav the Persistent was an Eastern Slavic tribesman who wandered too far South and West and ended up being captured by Belisarius in one of his earlier expeditions. He accepted Count Belisarius' offer and became a Bucellarius, following the Byzantine general throughout his career. When he first stayed in Constantinople, Yaroslav adopted Christianity, and though he wears a cross and crosses himself, he misses the subtleties of the faith and in truth has not strayed very far from his reverence of the Slavic gods, particularly Perun, the god of thunder, war, and justice. Yaroslav served at the Battle of Dara, was in Constantinople during the Nika Rebellion of 532, and followed Belisarius to face the Vandal Kingdom in North Africa. He also serve the Count in campaigns against the Eastern Goths of Witiges in Italy. When Belisarius was withdrawn from Italy, Yaroslav followed him. He currently lives on a farm outside of Adrianople.

Offices & Positions

  • Seneschal, Heatherwyne
  • Kingdom Constable
  • My proudest office was Captain-General of Caid, although I preferred the Byzantine title of Magas Domestikos ton Caid

Baron of Bald Mountain

A bit of Siech Persistent history: for many years, the Siech held events on Mt. San Antonio, better known as Mt. Baldy, which we called Raccoonfests or Raccfests. Over time the events grew larger and brought more and more folk to camp out, fight, and just enjoy a weekend on the tallest mountain in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Twenty-one years ago, when I was made a Court Baron, I asked for this mountain.

Today (March 5, 2022), at Crown, it was confirmed: I have been granted Mt. Baldy, which in Ukrainian is called "Лиса гора," (pronounced "Lysa Hora") and rendered into English as Bald Mountain.

Thank you, Your Majesties!

-=-Baron Yaroslav

Event Staff

Classes Taught

Projects & Publications

  • "Common Sense Training for Fighters" by Yaroslav the Persistent and Philip of Meadhe was published in Tournaments Illuminated issue: Summer 1984 (#71)
  • "Japanese Poetry for the Long-Nosed Barbarian, or The Tanka is Not a Wain" by Yaroslav the Persistent was published in Tournaments Illuminated issue: Fall 1984 (#72)


How I Found the SCA


I formed Siech Persistent, which everyone called simply the Siech, but that quickly devolved into numerous squires and their households, so the Siech became an umbrella of sorts.


As to those squires:

Many have had name changes, better fortunes in title, some have squired to others, some have ruled Caid. Yaroslav holds the record for most Squires in Caid. See Chivalry Tree for the full roster.

(If your information on this list is incorrect, out of date, in (parentheses) which means only a mundane name is listed, a title is incorrect, your squires/apprentices/proteges can be added, you want other information included, or are newly joined to the Lineage, contact Gulliver. If you do not have a Caid Wiki listing I can put that together for you as well.)


More Information

Currently I am using living history in the classroom in the Los Angeles Unified School District. A scene for "In Service To the Dream" was filmed in my class there. There is a website at my previous school, Fremont High, at fremonths.org (look under faculty for Chuck Olynyk) for pictures and downloadable lessons). I anticipate constructing a similar site at my new school, Theodore Roosevelt High School.