William Ulfsson

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Will GWW Laurel.jpeg
Laurel Elevation, GWW 2023
Preferred title: Kennari
Their Pronouns: he/him
Resides: Angels
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
William Ulfsson Heraldry.jpg
Vert, three wolf's heads erased contourny Or
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Sir William Ulfsson, also known was Liam Ulfsson, is a member of Griffin Freehold and Inept Engineers. He squired to Sir Uilliam mór MacGregor on 05/09/2015, and became an apprentice and protege to Mistress Aldgytha of Ashwood on 01/23/2016.

Sir William Ulfsson squired Charles of Nordwache along with Duke Miles on 10/6/2018

William was offered to join the Order of Chivalry by TRM Agrippa and Bridget at Summer Collegium 2017. He was knighted at Great Western War 2017. For his skill in weaving, he was admitted to the Order of the Laurel by TRM Wilhelm and Lorissa at Great Western War 2023.

Lord Liam Ulfsson

Known as William J McConnell (Mundane), and Lord Liam Ulffson in the (SCA), he was registered in August 2014.

Guest and Member Affiliations

Offices & Positions

  • Queen's Guard, Agrippa and Bridget, 06/07/2014 to 11/01/2014
  • Queen's Guard Athanaric and Sigriðr
  • Queen's Guard Lieutenant Conrad III and A'isha II
  • Captain of Angel's Guard 09/10/15 to Yule 2016
  • Angel's Baronial Constable 09/10/15 to Yule 2016
  • Prince's Lance Anton and Helga
  • Queen's Champion to Miles III and Ariela II (West Kingdom)
  • Queen's Guard Lieutenant Alexander and Tahira
  • Nordwache Territorial Marshall
  • Senior Marshall of Caid
  • Prince's Lance Anton and Ciar
  • Prince's Oberst Anton and Ciar
  • Commander of the North Watch


Champion / Tournament Victories

  • Medieval Marketplace 2015
  • Starkhafn end of year tournament 2016
  • 160th Fettberg Field of Honor
  • Nordwache Chivalry Tournament 2017
  • Darach anniversary 2017
  • Named Le Fluear @ Crapuad 255 & 253
  • Crapuad 256
  • Torchlight Tournament @ West Antir war 2017
  • Nordwache Pirate Tournament (Single Sword Tourney and Overall winner)
  • Heavies Champion of Altavia 2018-2019

A&S Champion

  • Nordwache Anniversary 2016

Classes Taught

  • Introduction to Tablet Weaving (GWW 2016), Nordwache Academia 2018
  • how to weave a solid color belt Nordwache Academia 2017

Contributions to the Society

Photos of Liam

Liam in armor
Liam at Pennsic