Aldgytha of Ashwood

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Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Dreiburgen
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Aldgytha of Ashwood.png
Per saltire gules and sable, four roses argent barbed and seeded proper.
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Baroness Aldgytha of AshwoodRRE, OP OL is a second-generation SCA member (as well as Pelican), who has participated in all walks of life of the SCA from service to arts to fighting. She is the daughter of Baron Aldred von Lechsend aus Froschheim, OP and Baroness Melasandra Sandifer, OP. Her daughter Chiara is a third-generation Caidan.

Baroness Aldgytha was elevated to the Order of the Pelican on 06/03/2006 by TRM Sven and Kolfinna and to the Order of the Laurel on 10/22/2011 by TRM Edward III and Mora III.

On 01/23/2016 she took William Ulfsson as an apprentice and protege, and on 02/24/2017 she took Demetrius of Crete as an apprentice.


  • Previously known as Aldgytha of the Misty Glen.

She was born 921 in Jórvík. Her father Ealdred accepted service with Ragnall ua Ímair after his conquest of Jórvík. Widowed when her husband fell in a raid, she resides on her estate of Ashwood, where she spends much of her time weaving.

Offices & Positions


  • File Clerk for the corporate archives of the SCA 2002-present


  • List Officer-at-Large, Caid, 01/1998-present
  • Deputy Kingdom Exchequer, Caid, 06/04/2005-present
  • Deputy Kingdom Seneschal, Disaster Relief for Caid, 09/02/2006-present
  • Kingdom Exchequer, Caid, 05/31/2003-06/04/2005
  • Deputy Exchequer, Great Western War 11/2005-11/2007

Lady in Waiting

  • Edward and Ilaria, 05/31/1986-11/22/1986
  • Avery and Larissa, 11/22/1986-05/03/1987
  • Dietrich and Déshivé, 11/21/1987-06/04/1988
  • Guy and Darla, 11/19/1988-06/03/1989
  • Dietrich II and Déshivé II, 06/03/1989-11/19/1989
  • Guy II and Darla II, 11/19/1989-06/02/1990
  • Ivan and Fiona, 11/17/1990-06/01/1991
  • Timothy and Tristana, 06/06/1992-11/07/1992
  • Ivan III and Aislynn II, 11/19/1994-06/03/1995
  • Edric and Albra, 05/18/1996-11/02/1996
  • Joseph and Caroline, 06/07/1997-11/01/1997
  • Companion, Rørik and Karina, 11/1/1997-06/06/1998
  • Ivan IV and Anastasiia, 06/06/1998-11/21/1998
  • Francesc and Seanach, 06/12/1999-11/20/1999
  • Edric II and Battista, 11/20/1999-06/03/2000
  • Sven II and Kolfinna II, 11/08/2008-06/06/2009
    Queen's Guard
  • Ivan V and Ciar Lasse, 11/18/2000-06/02/2001
  • Alaric and Kissa 06/02/2001-11/17/2001
  • Guillaume II and Felinah II, 06/08/2002-11/16/2002
    Royal Advisor
  • Mansur and Eilidh, 11/03/2012-06/01/2013
    Kings Chief Lady in Waiting
  • Ozmund and Marisa, 07/16/2016-01/07/2017
  • Athanaric II and Sigriðr II, 01/06/2018-01/29/2018



    • Baronial Lists Officer, Starkhafn 10/1995-10/11/1997
    • Baronial Seneschal, Starkhafn 10/11/1997-03/2001
    • Baronial Rapier Marshal, Starkhafn, 3/2001-10/2001


    • Deputy Baronial Exchequer: Gate, Al-Barran, Kingdom of the Outlands
    • Baronial Exchequer, Gyldenholt, 1/25/2003-5/31/2003

    Classes Taught





    Estrella 25 Grand Court Outfit Trim for Sven II and Kolfinna II. Cardweaving Double Faced weave.
    Aldgytha-weaving-anastasiiabelt.jpg Belt made for Trifona Anastasiia Dodovicha. Inkle with floats and drops.
    Aldgytha-weaving-aprontrim.jpg Personal Trim for apron.


    Personal black and yellow trim for apron (front and back shown).
    Aldgytha-weaving-klaustrim.jpg Gift for Klaus von Mainz


    Diagonals and Diamonds
    Aldgytha-weaving-gulfwars09largess.jpg Gulf Wars 2009 Largess for An Tir. Cardwoven variation of Egyptian Diagonals.
    Aldgytha-weaving-ismaybelt.jpg Belt for Ismay of Giggleswick
    Aldgytha-weaving-lancecarla.jpg Donation piece for the Lance and Carla Burn Fund Support Raffle at Winter Crown 2009. Cardweaving loosely based on Pora's Birka Strapwork recipe.
    Aldgytha-weaving-morgana.jpg Bedouin belt made for Morgana. This is made to match a picture of an existing piece. Inkle with cardwoven ends, tassels, and cowrey shells
    Aldgytha-weaving-rorik.jpg Belt made for Rørik Sverðmaðr. Inkle with floats and drops.
    Aldgytha-weaving-skcoronationtrim.jpg Trim for Sven II and Kolfinna II stepping up outfits at Fall Coronation 2008. Double rams horn.
    Aldgytha-weaving-thurston.jpg Inkle woven belt for Thurston.
    Aldgytha-weaving-wulfricvanguard.jpg Wulfric Thjostolfsson's new Vanguard of Honor cord. Inkle with floats.


    Image Preview Award Recipient
    Nov. Coronation 2013 043.JPG Laurel Ciar ingen Dáire