Ivan and Fiona

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Ivan and Fiona-TFYC.jpg
Ivan and Fiona at TFYC, 3/1991
Also visible, Princess Adriana seated L, Diana behind Fiona, etc.
Sovereign: Ivan the Illustrated
Consort: Fiona Julienne nic Lowry
Caid Crown #: 26
Preceded by: Patrick and Lyn
Succeeded by: Patrick II and Adriana

Their Majesties, Ivan and Fiona, twenty-sixth King and Queen of Caid, reigned 11/17/1990-06/01/1991.

Fiona, borne unto her coronation upon a shield held aloft by two lords and two ladies

Their Majesties recreated their coronation entrance for grand court of TFYC. This time, though, Fiona's shield was borne entirely by women fighters of the kingdom. Her Majesty was carried by Igraine d'Abernon, Elspeth ni Conchobhair o Ciarraighe, Eichling von Amrum and Fionnabhair Kyriath Inghean Uí Néill. His Majesty was carried by Avery of Kempsford (Queen's Champion, Ivan's front/left shield-bearer), Conall Eoin MacTavish, Karolyi Attila Laszlo and Halldor Arnkellsson. Also visible in this photomontage are Al-Haadi abd-al-Malik Husam ibn Khalid (herald at head of procession), John ap Gwyndaf of Holdingford (swordbearer), next to John is Black Aislynn Straithbaern who was Ivan's squire at the time, Diana de Savigny (banner bearer), and Déshivé Luciana d'Avignon (at end of procession).


Sir Ivan the King by Eldwin Nightowl

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