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Lord Eldwin Nightowl is a founding member of the Canton of Gallavally, House Grimlove, House Silver Lion, and co-founder of the No Name Yet Players.


Ealdwyn was born in 1562 in Englaund before spelings were standerdised. He enjoys the writings of Wilyam Shaekspaer, whom he considers talented with a pen and the ladies but not so much on the stage. His proudest moment in Eanglund was being smiled at by Qweene Elysabethe. A companion insists that Her Majesty was actually experiencing a moment of indigestion, but he refuses to believe such a thing is possible with the Quean.

Finding himself worthless at his father's trade of ironmongery (and also in conflict with the family of Drake), Eldwin moved through a variety of less than fully reputable trades, performing various tasks to keep flesh and bone together. He was a cook's helper, traveling bard, thesbian in a traveling troupe, and in a nod to his father even assisted a dealer of swordsmithery. He made friends with a group of the Romany who are also known as Egypcians, and learned to play a drum for their dances.

One of his most frightening moments was when he felt the cold iron blade of King Guy of Castle Kirk upon his neck. He is still most thankful that his life was spared, assuming it was for some great purpose he has yet to discover.

Offices & Positions

  • Chronicler for the Gallavally Traveler, Historian, Deputy Senseschal (late 1980s to early 1990s)
  • Contributing Scribe for the Dreiburgen News ("Ask Eldwin," "Eldwin's Odd Facts" columns)


Eldwin recorded the words of "Is This The Way to Gallavally?" as it was being written by the people of Gallavally on the day the canton was officially recognized.

Eldwin was honored when his song "Fighting For Caid" was chosen the winner for the Circle of Bards war song contest for the SCA's 25th anniversary.

He was happy to be an organizer of the 25th Anniversary's (TFYC) Ende of the Knowne World Gypsy Camp when it was discovered on the first night of the 10-day event that there was no place for all-night revelry. The camp was added to the event's official map, placed outside of any kingdom in an area where it said "Here There Be Dragons." It even got its own Porta-Potty.

He's the author of GURPS Fantasy Folk: Elves, which had help from Caidans and thanks the SCA (with a veiled reference or two to Dreiburgen and Gallavally).

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