Is This The Way to Gallavally?

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See also St. Corrigan's Blessing

This song was composed by the people of the Canton of Gallavally on the day of their recognition as a canton. By tradition, it is considered the "official" song of the canton.



Gallavally was officially recognized as a canton in the Kingdom of Caid, Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), on 21 May 1989, which by the SCA calendar is May 21, 23 AS. At a revel after the event that recognized them, the people of Gallavally composed a "rather spurious song" based on events that happened that day.

Their Majesties had gotten lost on the way to the event, with some blame, deserved or not, going to the map in the Crown Prints (C.P., the kingdom newsletter). St. Corrigan was named the canton's saint that day, inspired by a pilot named Corrigan who years before had gotten completely and famously lost. Indio is a desert city several miles from the area covered by Gallavally, which is located in Southern California.

The authors who wrote the lyrics included Allaine de Beaumont of Glastonbury, Casia Thessalonica apo Constantinopolios, Eldwin Nightowl, Illuminada Eugenia de Guadalupe y Godoy, Steffan the Scrivener, and Yvon Bater of Darkwood.


Is This The Way to Gallavally?

by The People of Gallavally

(Sung to the tune of "Scarborough Faire" with apologies to Master Paul Simon and Master Arthur Garfunkel)

Is this the way to Gallavally?
Is there a turn that we do not know?
How did we end up so far from home?
What are we doing in Indio?

The sun is too hot and the road is too long
On the way to Gallavally.
Is this the way, or did we go wrong?
Is there a sign that we did not see?

Corrigan guide us for we must be lost
On our way to Gallavally.
This map isn't worth the five bucks it cost.
When we get home we'll burn our C.P.

The subjects are anxious and the fighters are cooked
Waiting there in Gallavally,
They knew we were coming howe'er long it took
Whether by land, or whether by sea.


Our reign just might end before we arrive
At the site in Gallavally.
This trip may take the rest of our lives,
Dear St. Corrigan please hear our plea.


(repeat last line of Chorus)

While the lyrics to this song are copyright the Canton of Gallavally, they may be freely reproduced in any SCA publication.