Steffan the Scrivener

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Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Gallavally
Status: Deceased (Aug. 6, 2010)
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
SA, on a roundel erminois, a cat sejant affronty SA, holding in its mouth a quill pen AR
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From the Dreiburgen News

On August 6, 2010
Lord Steffan the Scrivener passed away.

January 27, 1956 to August 6, 2010

He was a very quiet man, who occasionally displayed a wicked wit. Good company, and made good on his word.

He Served the Barony as Senschal of Gallavally from March 2000 to May 2002, Baronial Exchequer and with his photography.

In July of 1993 A.S. XXVIII he came to the attention of Queen Ceinwen ferch Rhys ap Gawain who awarded him with the Legion of Courtesy.

Steffan has also received the Award of Arms in A.S.XXVI (August1991), the Towers of Dreiburgen in A.S.XXIX (September 1994) and the Order of the Dolphin in A.S.XXVI (April 2002)

He will be missed


  • In our modern identities, Steffan and I co-edited a college newspaper, co-wrote articles, co-wrote a book, and both wrote and shot photos for a professional newspaper. But I'll try to keep my further comments to the SCA. His wit shown in his writing (and in conversation once you got to know him). When he was chronicler of the Gallavally Traveler, at least once he spelt the name of the canton as "Gallavalley." When I questioned it, he said that standardized spellings weren't period, which was correct. No less than William Shakespeare, who lived in and past the period covered by the SCA, spelled his own name several different ways. But in "retaliation," I sent a letter to the editor where I spelled "Steffan" in half a dozen different ways including "Stuffin." He in turn responded by rendering my first name in ways that were nothing less than bizarre. The locals knew we were good friends and had a similar sense of humor, and that our "battle" was all in fun. Even our arms are similar. Mine shows an owl holding a quill pen in its talons; his shows a cat holding a quill pen in its mouth. He registered his first. Eldwin Nightowl
  • Steffan was a kind and quiet man with a gentle sense of humor. I never heard him say an unpleasant word about anyone. Rather, he preferred to speak well of them. He was always with a camera, and I can only wonder where all those photos went when he passed. When I asked him to take over as Gallavally Seneschal he hesitated because he didn't feel he was suited to the task. But he was. He never seemed to realize how much we really liked and appreciated him. But we did. ~ Eadwynne of Runedun