Yvon Bater of Darkwood

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Yvon Bater of Darkwood March 2012
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Gallavally, Drieburgen
Status: Deceased
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Per chevron sable and gules, two wolves combattant argent, maintaining between them a flask Or charged with a millrind sable
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THL Yvon Bater of Darkwood was the 18th member of The Order of Chiron on 10/23/04 and held the archery ranks of Bow Master in the Longbow, the Crossbow and Open Divisions back in the 1990s and was one of a hand full of archers to achieve this..


  • Archery
  • Brewing/Alchemy
  • Belly Dancing and Drumming

Offices and Positions

  • Founding member of the Canton of Gallavally.
  • Cornet (herald) of the Canton of Gallavally, 1990-?
  • Kingdom Chatelaine at Large


He Became a Herald in the mid 1980s, so he could disprove the morbidity clause. This was a BS clause that a local herald claimed existed that banned the use of skulls on a device (the herald personally did not like them). He proved it was false.- Baron Paganus Grimlove

I think he preceded my entry into the SCA, because he always seemed to be at Dreiburgen events as well as ones further afield. He was a true character - which is why we were constantly causing mischief together - or at least egging each other on. He was a fixture in the canton of Gallavalley (Hemet and San Jacinto) and was probably one of the key driving forces in making it an active group along with his friend, the late Steffan the Scrivener. I believe that he was also very active in the Barbarian Freehold as "Ravnos" even though he was one of the more outlying members. He'd been inactive sometime after I became inactive in person (although still active via the Caidlist). He was fond of saying that he hoped to get a higher award so that he could be known as Master... Master Bater. Because that was how he rolled.- Wiat d'Argonne, better known as Wyatt the Odd

I first met Yvon when I was asked to visit the group who would later found the Dreiburgen Canton of Gallavally. And, to add to what Wiat said, Yvon did have a propensity for punning and wordplay. One of the (other) reasons he chose his name was because at one time, he and other folks in the Barony were being introduced and they had titles and he didn't. It didn't bother him, but he would make sure that whenever he was introduced after someone with titles, he could add, "I'm Yvon Bater," (even better). He loved jokes, even when they were about him. He was warm, easy going and gregarious. He was an exemplary Chatelain for many years. He was always there to offer assistance and help, never seeking attention or recognition. He was knowledgeable and opinionated but never judgmental, firm and strong but never domineering. He was openhanded to everyone, and while Gallavally was at its height, hosted many of its meetings and get togethers. He had a black cat named, "Shadow." He was a good man. ~Eadwynne of Runedun

Yvon was the primary herald who helped me with my SCA name and device. As I had done research, I understood about finding SCA-appropriate names, but had very little knowledge of book heraldry. He saved me a lot of trouble when he told me my first choice for my name was historically appropriate, but was too close to that of a well-known SCAer. And he blazoned my device after suggesting changes. I later helped others with their names and devices, but that began with him. Eldwin Nightowl