Barbarian Freehold Alliance

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Barbarian Freehold Alliance unit at Burro Creek II 1979
Founded: 1974
Status: Active
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The Jolly Siggy

The Barbarian Freehold Alliance, founded in September 1974 in the Principalty of Caid (San Fernando Valley), is a non-territorial alliance of Freeholds, Households, Ships, and Individuals within the SCA who have a special interest in the Viking, Celtic, Mongolian, Barbarian, or non-standard Feudal European Cultures.


The main goals of the alliance are to pursue and advance our understanding of these cultures in their customs, artistic skills, chivalry, honor, and combat.

We also provide an educational space for new members and non-members, helping then to learn more about the SCA in all its glory; and where, if they are so minded, they can get help and support creating a "Barbarian" persona (or alternate person).

The Freehold as a Household of households. Each household is part of the Freehold, but still participates and hold alliances within their local groups.

Household Badge

The Jolly Sigfried (or Siggy) is the symbol of the Barbarian Freehold Alliance. Since 1976 it has flown as war banners, personal banners at encampments, personal favors hanging from belts, leather belts, and more.

Meaning of the Jolly Sigfried

  • The human skull symbolizes manpower
  • The cattle horns symbolize wealth
  • The sword symbolizes Arts & Sciences
  • The smile notes that we don't take ourselves too seriously


Complete history available on the Barbarian Freehold Alliance website

House Dragasus

The Barbarian Freehold Alliance started in September 1974 when Erekose von Dragasus (Lord of the Household) and Kerisa of Silverwolf (Lady of the Household) started House Dragasus with Bernard von Komkeff (now named Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling). The household was founded in the San Fernando Valley, in the Principality of Caid. The household numbered 6 members.

The purpose of the household is to help newcomers; providing a place where members and non-members could learn, helped by the three founding members, and where they could, if so minded, get help and support creating a "Barbarian" persona (or alternate person).

In October of that year the household's Arts and Sciences office, which was to be a hallmark of the group, was created. Several research projects were launched, including brewing (to make some real wine or mead), costuming (beyond T-tunics), Armor (beyond carpet), and scriptorium.

Dragasus Freehold

In February of 1976, the household remade its hierarchy to run the group along the lines of a clan. The name was changed to Dragasus Freehold. The group numbered 10 members, and 2 associate members.

The group was holding meetings every Friday night for Fighting Practice; Saturday (unless there was an event) for Arts and Sciences, with armory / metal working starting at noon; Sunday night for business meetings or workshops. Brewing is going strong in the group.

Dragasus Freehold sponsored the first equestrian event in Caid in October 1976. This event was mostly trail riding, with a couple of interesting, educational contests for the populace.

The Barbarian Freehold

The group's name was changed to the Barbarian Freehold in January of 1977, they now numbered 10 members, and 2 associate members.

They sponsored the Second Equestrian Tourney in Dreiburgen in Caid, Equestrian Arts Ride/Workshop 03/77. Events included the Prince's Cup Race, Archery on Horseback, Retriever Race, Single Pole Decapitation, and Jousting at the Quintain.

By the end of 1977 the Barbarian Freehold had 40 members, and 35 associate members. They were able to field 15 fighters.

The Freehold ran the First Queen's Champion Festival 1978.

A Freehold business meeting / party held in August of 1978 planted seeds that became the Freehold's annual Althing in August of 1979. The althing is Freehold's annual meeting where the group's rules, activities, and officers were debated and decided by majority vote.

Erekose moved to Los Osos and started a second Barbarian Freehold unit in May of 1979 .

In October of 1980 the Barbarian Freehold split itself into 3 separate holds, each with its own Chieftain, all still under the leadership of High Chieftain Erekose.

In January 1981 the Barbarian Freehold consisted of 5 Clans: House Morganwind (Ventura), Bjornsdale (Los Osos), Ravenhold (Van Nuys), Sarnwald (Sylmar), Panthera (Tujunga). Workshops and meetings averaged two nights a week per hold. The group as a whole numbered 90 members, and 85 associate members. Fielding 30 fighters.

Barbarian Freehold Alliance

At the August 1981 Althing the group's name was changed to the Barbarian Freehold Alliance to denote the fact that the household was a group of semi-autonomous holds. Erekosa remained the High Chieftain of the Barbarian Freehold Alliance. In 1982-1992, Size reached was 10 holds in 3 kingdoms, 150 active members with 30 fighters, 300 additional semi-active members.

  • 1982- ran first Harvest Feast
  • 1983- The Freehold Army beat the combined Armies of the West and Caid on the Field.
  • 1987- Helped the LA Irish fair get off the ground.
  • 1992- The 2nd High Chieftain starts to re-invigorate the Freehold and get it to grow again. 1st member handbook created with Laws, ceremonies, Philosophies, and history.

Barbarian Freehold Alliance Today

As of 2018, the Barbarian Freehold Alliance has 16 holds in 6 kingdoms, 225 active members with 35 fighters, and 337 additional semi-active members. Steady growth in membership and Holds. Highly active at wars and quite a few members held offices in mainstream SCA.



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