Goldwyn of Britain

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Here, Goldwyn serves as herald at the investiture of Taliesin and Kerridwen
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Altavia
Status: Deceased
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Lord Goldwyn of Britain was a resident of the Barony of Altavia. Equally talented as a playwright, actor and director, perhaps his greatest contribution to Caid--and the SCA--was the creation of Mistress Laurel Seamchecker.



Lord Goldwyn passed away on September 15, 1999 while at work.


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From Giles Hill

Many Caidans were members of Past Tymes with Good Company, a historical entertainment troupe founded by Baroness Aurelia of Ashton. Goldwyn was an important part of that group, participating in trips to the United Kingdom, around the United States (and its territories... Guam, for instance). On the first tour of England, in 1988 (the 400th anniversary of the defeat of the Armada), there was a two-day performance at Coombe Sydenham, the ancestral home of Mrs Francis Drake. After the last visitor was gone, the owner put on a feast in the huge pavillion in the garden. Two fallow deer contributed excellent roasts of venison, and there was more than a little beer. After dinner, there was some casual singing and story telling, and Goldwyn performed his "Report on the Spanish Expedition of '92". The tune was hauntingly familiar, but not until the beginning of the refrain, "It's a New World after all!" did we realize that it was a veeeeeery slow arrangement of the classic Disney "Small World" melody.

From Eldwin Nightowl

If I recall correctly, my first SCA event was a collegium in Dreiburgen--I know it was somewhere in Caid, but don't remember exactly where. But what I do remember was taking two workshops led by Goldwyn of Britain. Not surprisingly to those who knew him, in one workshop he taught us ways to create and portray our SCA personas, and in the other showed us Commedia dell'arte, a period form of theatre involving comic improvisation with lots of slapstick. I was enthralled with it all, and quite honestly was disappointed when I learned that Goldwyn didn't represent the average SCAer, but was a rare exception. But I built my persona largely on his methods, and with some others formed our own little SCA theatre group. While I've since worked professionally, I still remember what I learned from those two sessions with that very funny, informative and clever teacher. It's no coincidence that my SCA name "Eldwin" sounds like "Goldwyn."

From Lachlan of Cromarty

Goldwyn and I played opposite each other in medieval morality plays translated by Diane de Lyon. These were really raucous productions. Decked out with a long, white wig, he played the mother of Master Morton (he would flip the wig back like Cher to deliver a line). He also played the titular role in The Miller Whose Soul Went to Hell, a role that was both highly funny and HIGHLY inappropriate! It was the whole company that made those rehearsals a blast, but of course, none were more fun to be around than Goldwyn.

From Natalya de Foix

I had the pleasure of working with Goldwyn in a number of theatrical performances as both a fellow thespian and as a director. My particular favorite was Othello, Act V, Scene ii, in which I played Desdemona to his Othello. Not only did it carry the scene's innate power but it was one of the few times that Goldwyn performed in a serious role as the jealous, desperate Othello. There were, of course, a few moments of hilarity during rehearsals but when performance time came, it was all business. He was one of the most generous fellow actors I have ever worked with, both in and out of the SCA. Even some 20 years later, his loss is still keenly felt.

From Hirsch von Henford, OL, OP, Founder and Producer of the Golden Stag Players

Goldwyn's brilliant plays are what started the Golden Stag Players - and acting troop in the West Kingdom, who have been around for 9 years (as of 1999) and are still going. Without my having found his scripts on a bulletin board system, I probably wouldn't have had the inspiration to start my own troop. His plays, (Our Kind II, Mistress Laurel Seamchecker Explains It All At You, and Our Kind III, A Nightmare on Laurel Street, and and his two Commedia plays, Arlecchino's Surprise, and Arlecchino and the Cup of Love) were the first our troope performed, and are remembered with fondness by both actors and those who were in our audiences for these performances. He will be missed.



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Goldwynofbritain2.jpg Award of Arms Fiona Ramsay of Bronwyn Vale
Goldwynofbritain3.jpg Award of Arms Muis the Insane
Goldwynofbritain1.jpg County Jason Griffiths of Shadowhyrst