Ozmund and Marisa

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Oz+Marisa Coronation.jpeg
Oz and Marisa
Sovereign: Oz Rus
Consort: Marisa Rus
Caid Crown #: 77
Preceded by: Conrad III and A'isha II
Succeeded by: Agrippa II and Bridget II

Oz and Marisa served as the 77th Crown of Caid from 07/16/2016 to 01/07/2017.

On 5/21/2016, Sir Oz Rus fighting for Lady Marisa Rus defeated Duke Sven Orfhendur fighting for Dame Ismay of Giggleswick to become Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Caid.



Royal Court

Heads of Court

Royal Wishes

Heraldry and Colors:

  • HRH Oz likes: Green, Black, White. Heraldry: Arrows
  • HRH Marisa likes: Blue, Black, White. Heraldry: Sea Turtles
  • HRH Marisa dislikes: Pastels


  • HRH Oz likes: Meat, Potatoes, Bacon
  • HRH Oz dislikes: Onions, Mushrooms, Cucumber, Cumin, DIABETIC -- Please no sweets
  • HRH Marisa likes: Cheese, Meat, Crackers, Bacon, Garlic, Spicy Foods, Fresh Fruit, Avocado, Pistachios, Almonds, Walnuts


  • HRH Oz: DiABETIC -- Please no sugared drinks
  • HRH Marisa likes: Water, Green Tea (hot or iced), Coffee (hot or iced), Tullamore Dew, Bird Dog Whiskey
  • HRH Marisa dislikes: Soda, fruit juice


  • HRH Oz: None
  • HRH Marisa: None

The Royal Children:

  • Ages: 7 (Green, white and black. Likes Lions) and 3 (Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue. Likes Elephants)
  • Allergies: None
  • Please do not give them soda. They can have water or lemonade.

When receiving presentations, TRH prefer bags over baskets.


Royal Progress

Date Event Location Attending
5/27-5/29 Potrero War Calafia Oz
6/5 Queen's Champion Equestrian Calafia Marisa
6/11 Gyldenholt Anniversary Gyldenholt Oz and Marisa
6/18 Nordwache Anniversary Nordwache Oz
7/8-7/10 Atenveldt Highland War Atenveldt Oz and Marisa
7/16 Summer Coronation Angels Oz and Marisa
7/17 Queen's Champion Angels Oz and Marisa
8/5-8/9 Pennsic War East Oz
8/13 Starkhafn Games and Dance Starkhafn Oz and Marisa
8/20 Festival of the Rose Lyondemere Oz and Marisa
8/27-8/28 Atenveldt Fall Crown & Warlords Tournament Atenveldt Oz and Marisa
9/2-9/5 Highland War Al-Sahid Oz and Marisa
9/10 Northshield Coronation Northshield Oz
9/10 Angels Anniversary Angels Marisa
9/17 Fall Crown Tournament Calafia Oz and Marisa
9/18 Privy Council Calafia Oz and Marisa
9/24-9/25 Collegium of the Desert Starkhafn Oz and Marisa
9/30-10/2 Gleann Abhann Coronation Gleann Abhann Oz
10/6-10/9 Great Western War Wintermist Oz and Marisa
10/29 Dreiburgen Anniversary Dreiburgen Oz and Marisa
11/5 Calafia Anniversary Calafia Oz and Marisa
11/12 Naevehjem Anniversary/Frost Dragon Naevehjem Oz and Marisa
12/7-12/15 Western Seas Trip Western Seas Oz and Marisa
12/17 Starkhafn Yule Starkhafn Oz and Marisa
1/7/2017 Winter Coronation Nordwache Oz and Marisa