Winter Crown 2009

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TRM Sven II and Kolfinna II welcome their heirs Edward II and Mora II with hugs.
Location: Al-Sahid
Schmidt Park
Victorville, CA
Date: 03/07/2009

This is the first Crown Tournament held in March. The date was moved to provide additional time for the Crown Prince and Princess to prepare for Coronation.

Count Edward Senestre fighting for Countess Mora de Buchanan, defeated Baron Jamal Damien Marcus fighting for Baroness Eowyn Amberdrake in finals to win Winter Crown 2009.


From the Crown Prints

Their Majesties Sven and Kolfinna call upon the Populace of Caid to bring forth their finest pageantry and join them for a tournament to determine the Heirs to the Throne of Caid.

The Shire of al-Sahid invites all of the Kingdom of Caid to attend and cheer on all the worthy warriors and their lovely consorts for the honor of becoming the new Heirs.

Once again we will enjoy the green grasses of the desert and the afternoon breeze at Schmidt Park in the City of Victorville, California.

Announcement of Entrants

Unto the populace of Caid do Sven and Kolfinna, King and Queen of Caid, send greetings,

We are proud to announce the following entrants for Our Crown tournament taking place this Saturday in the Shire of Al-Sahid. We look forward to the tournament and know that our heirs will be most loved by Our populace.

Belted Fighters

Unbelted Fighters

We remain,
Sven II and Kolfinna II
King and Queen of Caid


  • Please feel free to add your memories of this event.

From Lachlan of Cromarty

  • Baron John ap Griffin, heralding Jamal and Éowyn into final round made a little error. Rather than stating that Jamal had been King's Champion for Edric V, he instead said "Edward II". Prophetic?
  • The two fights of the final round were remarkably similar. Jamal attempted to close distance, and Edward stayed at range. Both fighters got several shots through their opponent's guard, but each time they struck only with the tips of the sword and could cause no wound. Eventually, Edward struck a blow to Jamal's right leg. Thereafter, Edward was again cautious about closing range, but once he did, he stepped past Jamal's shield to the right and rained blows down upon his helm. In the first round, the momentum of the assault had Jamal leaning on his grounded shield, so he could not fall to the ground. He could only verbally acknowledge the blows.
  • Edward and Mora chose to immediately receive their wreaths of rosemary and roses upon the list field, rather than waiting for closing court.
  • This was tiny Miranda's first event.


Wintercrown09-crownhugheirs.JPG TRM Sven II and Kolfinna II welcome their heirs Edward II and Mora II with hugs.
Wintercrown2009-trmsandtrhs.jpg Mora, Edward, Kolfinna and Sven pose together.
Wintercrown09-entrantsunbelts.JPG The entrants on the unbelted side
Wintercrown09-entrantsbelts.JPG The entrants on the belted side

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